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Those of you in Canada

PostPosted: May 06, 2009 8:48 am
by jrn
I'm 14 wks 5 days along and so far the 8 diclectin and maxeran everyday haven't done much. The diclectin helps with the nausea, but I still find it next to impossible to eat and dropping pounds every week. I just want to know what your doctors have done for you. My GP is out of options, so I'll see the obstetrician in a few days. I just want to be prepared to suggest something if she doesn't. So, if you live in Canada, what works for you?

PostPosted: May 06, 2009 10:02 am
by Leah
I live in Alberta, and I have to say I have a really good doctor. My first pregnancy he was usless, my second he seemed to understand a little more, and now this one I dont see him until the 12th. However with my second I was on Diclectin for a botu a day because it does not work for me, I was on maxaran for a while but it didnt do the trick either, I was also on Zofran and that was better. I was admitted to the hospital for 2 weeks when I was about 14 weeks along and was on all kinds of things in there. When I went home I got home health care (yes they can do that here, push for it). I had a nurse come every day or 2 and make sure everything was running and pick up more bags of fluid for me, they were awesome! They were so kind and compasionate and would call my doctor and fight for me when I needed it. The only negative is that they can not do medications through IV here, so I only got the regular bags, and still had to take my zofran oraly. You can PM me if you like, but it is possible to get home health care here, it is very difficult to get and you will need to fight for it so if you can not then please take someone in with you who can fight on your behalf.

PostPosted: May 06, 2009 11:23 am
by Atsie
Hi there,
I am in Ottawa. Where about in NFLD are you? I have inlaws and friends down that way.

With my first I was on Maxeran, Diclectin and Zantac. With my second and third, I was on Zofran, Maxeran, Zantac, Dicletin, Stemitil, Colace and lactulaose. But the last two were to deal with the Zofran!

I would suggest talking to your OB about Zofran. I know my Dr never even thought to prescribe for me at home until I asked. There are still a number of meds you can try.

Good Luck! Feel free to PM me anytime.

Re: Those of you in Canada

PostPosted: Nov 17, 2013 5:36 pm
by raxani
Hi All.
I am new on here. I am from Edmonton. Recently lost baby #3 on Nov 7th. I've been devastated by this and still cannot believe it's real. The HG was unbearable and I was so incapacitated I could not help myself. Was so severly dehydratated but couldn't bear sitting in ER waiting for 6 hours to get hydrated. Last time I went I choked on my vomit mixed with blood and was turning blue to ffinally get help after lying in ER hallucinating for the 6 hrs. I was sitting there as people came in for coughs and sore throats. I don't know what to think of our healthcare anymore as I am a healthcare provider as my regular job in the dental ministry.
I want to do something here in Edmonton. Seems very few are aware of HG here in Alberta.
I was surprised Leah managed to get home healthcare? I begged for it as every time I left the hospital I knew I was coming back. The iv was my lifeline once they could finally get the line into my dehydrated veins and thin bruised arms. It wasn't the drugs so much as it was the fluid. I was peeing orange for 2 days when head ache well more like migraine set in. My husband working in fort mac and children at grandma's there was no one here for me and I was helpless. Wish I would have known about this website.

Re: Those of you in Canada

PostPosted: Nov 18, 2013 5:00 pm
by ShannonD
I begged for home health for IV as well & had no luck.... so I too had to wait in the ER for an IV every week. Although our health care is free it isn't always easily accessible. I also find that it seems that in the USA they are more willing to do home health care, Zofran pumps, PICC lines, TPN & all other interventions. I'm a RN who works in an ICU & I couldn't believe that when I came into the ER dehydrated, told the nurse I have HG & need an IV & IV Zofran as I can't keep any medication down.... she brought me ginger ale &! I grabbed the basin & proceeded to throw up just from looking at the can of ginger ale. There is a huge learning deficit with HG. I'm an RN & I had never heard of HG before my first pregnancy, when a ER MD talked to me about it (I had a OB following me & he maintained that this was all "in my head"). I didn't find this site until this (my second) pregnancy & I believe that it's the reason that I'm doing better with this pregnancy! Really it's telling people about HG & getting the word out there. I have educated my fellow co-workers, ER nurses who I talked to while getting IV's, friends & family.