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Looking Forward to 2020

Together, we are changing the future for the next generation.With a bright, new decade so close, we are reflecting on our history. We began as a site in 2000, became a 501(c)3 nonprofit in 2003, and in 2019, we have over 900 volunteers and an active Board of Directors. We are the voice of HG progress.

Because of your support, HER has achieved many firsts including publishing over thirty ground-breaking research studies INCLUDING THOSE identifying the first genes associated with HG; developing HG assessment tools and protocols; building a comprehensive website; creating the first iOS HG Care App to improve tracking and reporting of symptoms and treatment; and supporting HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF women facing HG.

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Join the Movement on #GivingTuesday!

Thank you for your past support of HER Foundation. Please consider giving again this year to support our exciting new projects that will help even more families globally! Help us launch #GivingTuesday with a bang. Feel good in knowing that you are part of a world-wide movement, working to raise awareness for philanthropy, especially as we gear up for 2020.

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I am HER!

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Together, we are changing
the future for the next generation!

Top 5 Things an HG Mom Needs

What are the top 5 things HG Moms need?
  1. Mom needs a lot of rest. A quiet, trigger free room is important. 
  2. Support and compassion make a difference. HG is very isolating and traumatic. Love and support from family and friends can ease her suffering. This is not a woman’s fault: HG is in her genes, not in her head.
  3. Many moms need to combine medications to get some relief. The HER HG Algorithm was designed to help understand treatment options. See our medication information and brochure for more information. You can bring these things with you to appointments.
  4. No triggers. Vomiting and nausea can easily be triggered by smells, colors, lighting, and other seemingly normal things. Common triggers are listed here.
  5. IV rehydration is important as dehydration worsens nausea and vomiting. Receiving thiamin (B1) is essential when getting an IV. B vitamins are rapidly depleted in women with HG who need a lot of B vitamins. Most multivitamins do not contain the 50 to 100 mg of B1 and B6 that HG moms need. Thiamin can prevent Wernicke’s Encephalopathy, a completely preventable and very serious complication. See our patient protocol and other tools here.

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Participate in HG Progress: Research Opportunities

Would you like to participate in HG Progress? We have research opportunities for currently pregnant moms with and without HG. Please participate.
HG Care App

If you are currently in your first trimester, suffering from nausea and vomiting of pregnancy, please email Dr. Fejzo at You will be asked to provide feedback on your pregnancy symptoms and outcomes via surveys during the study. We are looking for pregnant women across the spectrum of nausea and vomiting, so please invite your friends who are pregnant with nausea and vomiting (they do not have to be diagnosed with HG) to participate.

Please note: this is a research study and participation is voluntary. Your decision whether or not to participate will not affect the treatment you are currently receiving nor your relationship with your health care provider.
HELP Score Validation

We are doing an important survey to validate the HELP Score (HyperEmesis Level Prediction Score) which tells us how severe HG is today.

We need women to fill out this survey; before and after they have a change in treatment. Start by filling it out the day before you get medical care like IV fluids or new medication; then fill it out again about 12-24 hours later. If you’re in the hospital, please try to fill it out once each day. The first survey is a little longer than the follow-up 24 hours later because we have to collect your pregnancy history and other standard research information, so feel free to start anytime. Most importantly, we need to see how your score changes with treatment. Please invite also women without HG to be our control group. Thanks!!

Nutrition Assessment Study
We know that women with HG often suffer more because of vitamin deficiencies. This nutrition assessment study will help us prove that. If you are pregnant, please fill out the research survey online. You can do it on your phone or your friend/family member can ask you the questions and fill it out for you. Please fill it out on more than one day, especially after you receive IV nutrition or vitamins. It will take about 10 minutes. You can save it part way if needed and finish later.

Note: A family member can enter your data for you. If you have feedback, email 

Thank you for your time and for being part of HG progress!

HER Foundation Joins MoMMA’s Voices

The HER Foundation is pleased to announce it has joined MoMMA’s Voices, a national coalition of patient organizations and individuals with lived experiences or those who represent them, using their voices to reduce maternal complications in pregnancy and the postpartum period.

With the wave of media and public attention on the growing and unacceptable rates of maternal mortality and severe morbidity in the United States, this coalition answers the need for a strong consumer voice to advocate, amplify, and illustrate these issues in the US. MoMMA is short for Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Advocates, which captures the coalition’s mission. Continue reading

HG Awareness Day: How it Began

The International HG Awareness Movement began in 2012 when the HER Foundation held the first HG Awareness Day on May 15th.

On May 17, 2012, the Governor of North Dakota, Dennis Daugaard, issued an Official Executive Proclamation for the HER Foundation naming May 15th to be HG Awareness Day! “We want to thank Governor Daugaard for being the first Governor to recognize HG Awareness Day, and we are encouraged by his recognition of the need for awareness for HG women in his state. We hope it will inspire state lawmakers to follow in his footsteps for future Awareness Days. This is a huge step in raising awareness, education, and research. We are truly grateful,” said Ann Marie King, Co-Founder of the HER Foundation. Continue reading

The HG CARE APP is available!!!

After three years of hard work by HER Foundation and UCLA Health, we celebrate the official release of the first HG Care iOS app! Now women can track their symptoms and treatments to find out what treatments are working. Plus they can easily share insights into their progress with family and health professionals. The app is free. Contact Dr. Marlena Fejzo to enroll in our HG App research study!

DOWNLOAD the app:
Remember if it makes you ill to use your phone, just have family input your data. 

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15 Years of Progress!

We’re starting the next chapter at HER as we kick off our 15th Anniversary!! From scientists to business experts, health professionals and digital health specialists, HER has assembled a team vast expertise! We launched our formal Board of Directors with an awesome meeting that discussed many ways to support families during/after HG, improve treatment by educating health professionals and launching the next version of the app, changing treatment protocols and public policy, and reaching more of the international community. Watch for many new opportunities to be part the next decade of HG progress!

International HG Awareness Day 2018

This year, we are celebrating HG Awareness all month long because the HER/UCLA/USC team has identified the first cause of HG! That is truly groundbreaking and only happened due to your donations and participation! Let’s spread the message far and wide that no longer can others erroneously claim HG is a psychological disorder! See all the activities on our FB Events page. Here is a summary:

  1. Thunderclap – shout the message simultaneously!
  2. Facebook Live on May 15
  3. Meetup with another HG family
  4. Donate to get more answers
  5. Use our Facebook frames
  6. Share our posts on social media
    Donate for_ResearchEducationAwareness

Genetics Study Q&A

What is the HG breakthrough we co-published in Nature Communications?

This study provides scientific evidence linking 2 genes, GDF15 and IGFBP7, to HG. These genes provide the instructions to build the proteins GDF15 and IGFBP7 in the human placenta during pregnancy. The proteins are known to be important in the development of the placenta and in controlling appetite. We have done additional work presented at the ICHG ( showing that not only are these genes linked to HG, but also, the proteins are abnormally high in the blood from patients hospitalized with HG.
GDF15 ucla 3-18 two genes crop Continue reading

Exciting News: Press Release

HER Foundation helps UCLA, USC and 23&Me link debilitating pregnancy illness to two genes

           FINALLY A BREAKTHROUGH FOR women suffering from the severe pregnancy illness, hyperemesis gravidarum (HG). Many people remember Princess Kate Middleton being hospitalized during her first pregnancy due to the severity of the disorder. However, other women affected by the pregnancy illness have limited family size, quit their jobs or sadly felt so desperate due to the debilitating illness that they terminated wanted pregnancies. Many HG women describe the illness as something no one can truly understand unless they have endured it themselves. Instead of the joy every pregnancy should bring, HG women spend most of the 9 months suffering in silence unable to eat or simply keep water down.

The HER Foundation, researchers at UCLA and USC, and 23andMe, Inc. conducted the first genome-wide analysis of Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) and identified two genes associated with HG, which was published this week in Nature Communications. ( Continue reading


For our 2017 Give Hope Campaign, long-time volunteer, Wendy Egli, generously donated a gorgeous Perfectly Posh gift bucket!! Enjoy luxurious soaps and spa goodies in 2018 by raising the most money for #Give2HER in 2017! (Details below)
Thanks, Wendy!! Let’s show Wendy love on her site:!


Did you know that HER is solely basket fb2
donor-funded and 100% of your donations go to these important projects
– Continue our ground-breaking genetics research with UCLA & USC ($15,000)
– Complete our mobile-friendly website update ($8,000)
– Reach more women with support & resources ($3,000)
– Educate more health professionals at medical conferences ($8,000)


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You can change the future!

Do you believe in our goal of improving HG management so moms & babies have a app fb 2healthy future? DATA leads to PROGRESS!! So we need YOU – try our free iPhone app TODAY! Why is this app SO CRITICAL?? Imagine this… [See instructional demo!]

  • Imagine slow research studies replaced by real-time data from the app being used to develop effective treatment protocols!!
  • Imagine being able to easily communicate to your health professionals exactly what medications you took and how sick you truly are!
  • Imagine seeing how much (or little) you’ve eaten and if your treatments are working after just 5 minutes each day using the app.
  • Imagine getting alerts when your weight drops or you are getting dehydrated and need to go to the ER before your condition is serious!
  • Imagine being reminded to take your meds and change your IV dressing if needed.

Imagine no more! This app will do all that and more! If we get enough participation and feedback, we can finalize this HG Care App project and moms enduring HG will finally have hope for real progress very soon! Progress means OUR CHILDREN won’t suffer as we have!

This app will NOT be completed without YOUR participation! This is a ONCE in a lifetime opportunity for the HG community thanks to #HERFoundation and #UCLA! Please join today!If you are not pregnant or using an iPhone, share this post and educate others on the CRITICAL need for this app. It’s NOW OR NEVER!!

Got ketones?

The International Colloquium on HG in London (Oct 5-6) was a great success! Two presentations (1, 2) explained how ketones should not be required to be diagnosed with HG or given treatment. Some women are denied IV fluids if they do not have ketones.

What are ketones? They are produced when the body is starving and uses fat versus carbohydrates as fuel.

Ketones do not always correlate with weight loss or symptoms severity. They do predict a longer duration of hospitalization.


Congratulations, Prince William & Duchess Catherine!

In response to the announcement of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s third pregnancy and treatment for hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), the Hyperemesis Education and Research (HER) Foundation extends best wishes for the health of mother and baby during this joyful yet challenging time.

Distinct from “morning sickness” common in most healthy pregnancies, HG is characterized by weight loss, malnutrition, and dehydration due to severe vomiting and/or nausea. Severity and duration of symptoms vary, but HG remains the leading cause of hospitalization in early pregnancy and a debilitating medical condition that can have serious health consequences for both mom and baby. It is particularly threatening to mothers without immediate access to effective treatment and IV nutritional support.

Duchess_of_Cambridge_June_2013“While the Duchess of Cambridge is undoubtedly receiving the proactive and knowledgeable care that has an enormous positive impact on her and the baby’s health, our hearts go out to her as she again experiences the disruption of health, work, and family life that many thousands of HG women endure each year.” said Kimber Wakefield MacGibbon, R.N., HER Foundation co-founder and director. “It is our hope that through increased funding for HG research, in addition to education, we can restore some of the pregnancy joy for mothers with HG, so they and their babies have a healthier future.”

The Duchess’s third pregnancy comes at a time of great promise and hope for HG women and families: Continue reading

Introducing the 1st HG Care app!!

UCLA Health is partnering with HER on the first HG app. It will release around September 1 for user testing and we need your help! It will only take about 5 minutes to input your symptoms and food/fluids each day. You must be pregnant, sick with nausea/vomiting, using an iPhone and apps, and speak English. See the full details below. If you don’t qualify, or are not currently pregnant, you can help by sharing this with your friends and on social media. If you are interested in trying out our new HG Care app, please contact Dr. Marlena Fejzo immediately at mfejzo @
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Happy Mother’s Day & HG Awareness Day!

What an exciting month for HG Awareness! From reaching and teaching docs at ACOG, the premiere OB conference, to HG Awareness Day on May 15, and the HER 5K Purple Bucket Run/Walk (with a 1 mile walk/run) on May 20th! The Purple Bucket Run is as much fun and awareness as it is fundraising for important genetics research to find a cause and cure for HG. Grant funding is rare for HG despite the devastating impact on families and the 1000’s of babies lost each year! Help us raise awareness and funding so more women and their children survive HG!

may 2017

ACOG Messages from Moms

Our HG researchers and experts are attending the premier OB conference, ACOG, May 7-8 to take your messages about HG! OBs will receive a reusable lunch bag that reminds them that nourishing moms means a healthier future. We will also demo the HG Care app being developed with UCLA mHealth. Enter your message in the donation note box to join this exciting event! You can also fundraise to help us make the most of this exhibit.


Join #TeamHER for the 5K run/walk in Chicago or virtually!!

Join us at the beautiful Diversey Harbor on Saturday, May 20, 2017 for the Purple Bucket Run/walk, which includes a timed 5K run/walk & a 1 mile fun run with awards and a pizza party afterward! (Registration for pizza separate from race.) You can also run virtually/locally. All race proceeds benefit HER Foundation awareness and research. Show your appreciation for our sponsors and fundraise to make this the #BestRaceEver!

5k sponsors2

Welcome to 2017

As we say goodbye to an amazing year, we welcome 2017 and eagerly await the exciting events ahead. From a 5k to medical conferences and new research, HER will achieve even more this year. We have impacted the lives of over 17,000 women this past year, and thanks to your donations, are able to be your voice at the largest OB conference, ACOG, in May 2017. See our end of the year report:

With your help, we will make 2017 the #BestYearEver!

In 2017, we hope that you find more peace & joy in the big moments and small!


Join #GivingTuesday

HER joined CrowdRise, the largest crowdfunding platform for charitable giving, to participate in the @CrowdRise Giving Tower, its #GivingTuesday campaign. Show your support by fundraising for HER to help us exhibit at the largest OB medical conference in May 2017 to be YOUR voice. Post your #unselfie on November 29th, #GivingTuesday with the message that you support HER! The most creative #unselfie will receive a prize. For a printable “I support HER” sign (see below).


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Jessica’s Story of Loss

They say when you see those two little lines on your home pregnancy test, your life is forever changed. As I wrestled my 9 month old into his pj’s I can say this is very true. However, sometimes life changes in ways we couldn’t imagine. When you see those two lines you start picturing the future filled with happy moments, you don’t imagine sadness and loss.

You probably heard the statistics, 1 in 3 HG pregnancies ends in a loss, but from personal experience, I can say that means little until you join the 1 in 3.

I had been tracking my cycles for a while when my husband and I started trying to conceive. After 14 days of high temps and a gut feeling, I awoke early one morning and took a test. As the two lines appeared, all my cute Pinterested ideas for sharing the news with your spouse disappeared, as I ran through the house screaming, “Look, look, there are TWO lines!!!!!” It was a joyous moment, one to remember forever.

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Sign Up To Receive News & Events Info

Sign up for our upcoming news alerts and events info here. We look forward to an exciting upcoming year and have some exciting research in process. What can you do to help? Try a creative fundraiser like Andria did (read more below) and review our list of ways you can make a difference:

Fundraiser Spotlight: HG: Pregnancy 101 for TougHGirls!
Read about Andria’s successful event with puke bucket games and raffles.
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UCLA study finds no evidence linking anti-nausea drug to birth defects

A study published by UCLA and supported, in part, by the Hyperemesis Education and Research Foundation found no evidence linking Zofran to birth defects.

“What was really significant to me was that women with extreme morning sickness who took Zofran reported fewer miscarriages and terminations and experienced higher live birth rates,” Fejzo said. “Taking this medication helped them get through their pregnancies and gave them their desired outcome, a live birth.”
Marlena Fejzo, PhD

Source: UCLA Health
Read the full study or HER Foundation collaborative research. Continue reading

We’re hosting #PTSDchat on Twitter tonight, March 30th

HER is hosting #PTSDchat tonight at 6 pm PT (9 pm ET). Join us in a conversation about PTSD after HG via this special Twitter chat using the hashtag #PTSDchat.

Survivors of hyperemesis gravidarum may have problems with self-esteem, intimacy, guilt, and conditioned food aversions. Pregnant women may experience anxiety and depression related to helplessness from receiving inadequate treatment for hyperemesis, fear of the hyperemesis recurring in future pregnancies, painful and invasive treatments, and having to face the fear of serious harm or death to herself and/or her unborn child.

Click more information on this event.

Click here to go straight to the live hashtag during the chat (or at another time to read). 

ptsd mom

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I had a niggle – #HERstory Guest Blog by Emma Paget

I had a niggle*. A niggle that remained after all plausible causes for my bouts of sickness and fatigue were eliminated and two whizzy sticks later the niggle was confirmed. There was a bundle of joy! I was brought to my knees – in the bathroom. Repeatedly!

“Morning sickness is part of the pregnancy!”

“It won’t last. Once you hit 3 months, it’ll go”

So I persevered. I met my midwife. I didn’t think to tell her that I was sick all the time. Brushing my teeth made me spew. My flatmate’s perfume made me spew. The smell of coffee, jerky braking on transport, moving from my bed to upright. Morning noon and night. It was relentless, exhausting, and I felt pathetic.

I thought “I’m failing at motherhood already.” Eight weeks in, and I was falling apart. Unable to get a handle on basic day to day things, perform at my job – let alone nourish my newly growing Bundle. But this is normal right? Just the untold aspect of morning sickness surely? I needed to pull myself together.

HERstory_BlogContest final emma

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The HER Foundation has been helping generations of babies since 2003. Today we launch 2 weeks of fundraising so we can serve you even better. HER is the world’s largest network of hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) survivors and leading site for HG information worldwide. As such, we need to:

  1. update our site’s navigation to improve access to the many resources;
  2. pay for HER awareness events like the 5k;
  3. contribute to Dr. Fejzo’s research with USC and UCLA;
  4. attend & present at medical conferences;
  5. fund development of an app for HG moms.

Join our fundraising campaign on Crowdrise & learn more or donate now.


WELCOME 2016!!!

We are excited to begin 2016 with so much enthusiasm about the genetic research finding. Thanks to our volunteers, we also served 1000’s of mothers last year! With your support, we anticipate this year will be even more successful!

welcome 2016 copy

Join the 2015 Holiday Giving Challenge!

Support the HER Foundation! For over 12 years, HER has been the leading supporter of HG moms, HG research, and HG awareness. Today is your chance to support HER. 100% of donations go to research, education, and awareness. HER has hundreds of volunteers working across the globe in many different roles, including one-on-one and group support for HG moms. The HER Foundation has no paid staff and is a not-for-profit charity.

Prematurity Awareness

November is Prematurity Awareness Month and HG is one of the leading causes of prematurity. Women with HG are up to 4 times more likely to give birth early. Support our foundation’s efforts to improve the care of HG mothers and prevent prematurity through research & education.



Representatives from 12 nations convened in Bergen, Norway last week to present the latest research on HG at the First World Colloquium on Hyperemesis Gravidarum. HG researchers, obstetricians, psychologists, leaders of support groups, and HG patients were present. The Chair of the Conference, Jone Trovik, plans to create an International Society for HG Research. Creating guidelines for core outcomes and priorities for future clinical trials were discussed. The group plans to reconvene in 2 years.

20151020_122453 ed

Top Referred Pages

An important part of the HER Foundation’s mission is empowering families with facts, resources, and tools to advocate for needed care during pregnancy. Therefore, our website is rich with information for HG Moms and families. Here are some of the most popular pages:

Survival Guide and Downloads

Read our Survival Guides with tips and strategies for coping with HG. Also find downloadable tools to document and journal symptoms.

Common Medications

Medications, typical dosages, side-effects, and related research can be viewed on this page.

Health Professional Referral Network

Find or add a health professional at this link. The Referral Network is updated on an ongoing basis as moms submit health professionals worldwide.

Contact Us

Connecting with the volunteers from the HER Foundation is easy. In addition to the Support Forums, HER also has two Facebook groups: HG Support & HG Kids.

Pregnancy After HG

Find the info to make a medical protocol prior to conception as well as physically and mentally prepare for another HG pregnancy.

The 3 most important things to do if you have Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG)

  1. Find a doctor who offers compassionate and expert treatment of HG. The HER Foundation website has a list of doctors throughout the United States and in over 15 countries worldwide. These doctors have been recommended by those who experienced HG.
  2. Find an advocate to speak on your behalf to doctors, nurses and family/friends so they know what you need and how you are responding to treatment. When ill, it’s difficult to remember details and deal with issues about managing HG.
  3. Find an educated group of HG women who know what you are enduring. This is why the HER Foundation was created over a decade ago. So many myths surround HG, people will make rude and insensitive comments like “Just eat some crackers” or “Oh, I had that and just had to force myself to eat.” HG survivors can help you deal with those uneducated about HG and direct you to HER Foundation web pages with expert information you can share with them. You will find support on our website forums and Facebook page.

The HER Foundation can help you find a doctor in your area and provide you with a supportive volunteer. If you need immediate help contact


No HYPE HG Conference in Norway 20-21 October 2015

First World Colloquium on Hyperemesis Gravidarum
Bergen, Norway 20. – 21. October 2015 

Show your support and let your healthcare providers know about this upcoming conference. It is primarily intended for health professionals but anyone is welcome. Dr. Fejzo who heads our research will be one of the speakers. The HER Foundation is the voice for HG mothers!

Click for ProgramRegistration

No HER5K This Year, Will Continue in 2016

The HER Foundation has struggled mightily with the decision to take a year off from the HER5K. For 2015, we want to take the time to simply focus on the mission and vision of the Foundation and we need to raise more funds in order to make the race happen!

The HER Foundation relies 100% on donations, as it receives no private or government funding. This year we plan to focus more on educating the medical community by attending medical conferences that include nurses, midwives, nutritionists, and OBGYNs who need to hear our plea of better healthcare for HG women. This is one of the most important reasons the HER Foundation exists . . . to make sure your stories and your voices are heard by us speaking up for you. The medical community must understand that better healthcare is crucial for HG women.

As we look forward to sponsoring the race again in 2016, we want the many of you who have attended and supported the event in the past to know that 100% of whatever you choose to contribute will directly support our charitable endeavors. We hope you will join us next year and want to once again thank you for your continued support, dedication and friendship over the years!

That said, don’t forget that MAY 15TH is the annual HG Awareness Day. We are in the process of putting together “HG Meet up Groups” around the globe. On the weekend of May 15th, women can find a nearby group to meet and discuss all things HG or just simply enjoy each others company while hopefully having a fantastic meal, which we all miss so much during our HG pregnancies. We hope you will share your photos on our Facebook page and appreciate all the fundraising you do as well.


2015 Happy New Year!


thank-you-volunteersThe HER Foundation would like to thank all of our volunteers, supporters and donors in 2014! More research is being done on HG in the world today than has ever been done in history! This is because of your support and adding your voices to the cause! A special virtual hug to all of our volunteers who make the HER Foundation what it is and to the donors who keep us going. To HG moms everywhere please know you are not alone and we are here to help you!

HER Foundation Responds to Announcement of Duchess of Cambridge Pregnancy, Treatment for Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG)

Washington, DC – Sept. 8, 2014 – In response to this morning’s announcement of the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy and treatment for Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), the Hyperemesis Education and Research (HER) Foundation extends best wishes for the health of both mom and baby during a joyful yet challenging time.

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What is the difference?


We’ve complied a chart that differentiates between morning sickness and Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

Morning Sickness Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG)
You lose little if any weight. You lose 5-20 pounds or more. (> 5% of prepregnancy weight)
Nausea and vomiting do not interfere with your ability to eat or drink enough each day. Nausea and vomiting cause you to eat very little and get dehydrated if not treated.
You vomit infrequently and the nausea is episodic but not severe. You have significant discomfort and misery. You vomit, or feel the need to, often and may vomit bile or blood if not treated. Nausea is usually moderate to severe and constant.
Traditional remedies like diet or lifestyle changes are enough to help you feel better most of the time. You will probably require fluid hydration through an IV and/or medications to ease your symptoms.
You typically improve after the first trimester, but may be queasy at times throughout pregnancy. You usually feel some relief by mid-pregnancy, but may be nauseous and/or vomit until late pregnancy.
You will be able to work most days and care for your family, though less than usual at times. You will likely be unable to work for weeks or months, and may need help just caring for yourself.
You may feel a bit depressed at times, especially if you have more severe nausea, but are able to be your usual self most of the time. You will likely forget most of the unpleasantness after delivery. You may feel anxious about what lies ahead if you had HG before. You will likely become depressed due to misery and physical depletion. More severe HG often is traumatic and may impact you for years to come.
©HER Foundation

NEW DRUG RESEARCH FOR Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) – Neurologist conducts trial research over the next 4 years


From left to right: Dr. Tom Guttuso Jr., MD., Kimber MacGibbon, RN (HER Co-founder), Dr. Marlena Fejzo, PhD, and Ann Marie King (HER Co-founder)

“Although the preliminary data look promising, there is far too little evidence available at this time to recommend using gabapentin to treat HG. In the circumstances where a patient’s Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) symptoms are severe, have not responded to any other treatments, and are to the point where the patient is considering terminating her pregnancy, a trial of gabapentin could be considered if the obstetrician and the patient are agreeable. In 3-4 years, we should have the results of our large study that will provide the necessary evidence to guide clinical practice regarding gabapentin use for HG.” said Dr. Tom Guttuso, MD.

Meet Dr. Thomas Guttuso, Jr., MD, Associate Professor of Neurology, Obstetrics & Gynecology at the University at Buffalo and HER Foundation Advisory Board member. Dr. Guttuso is currently conducting research trial with HG women using a drug called gabapentin. Dr. Guttuso met the HER Founders and Dr. Marlena Fejzo, PhD of University of California Los Angeles, who is also a HER Advisory Board member, this past fall in Pittsburgh at the Biology of Nausea and Vomiting conference.

Kimber MacGibbon, co-founder and Director of Research and Education of the HER Foundation had this to say about Dr. Guttuso’s current research, “We are excited to have Dr. Guttuso on our Advisory Board and we appreciate Dr. Guttuso’s interest in the treatment of HG. His new research trial of the medication gabapentin (Neurontin) for women with refractory HG is novel and if effective, offers new hope to pregnant mothers who have given up on finding effective care, or have had adverse reactions to currently available treatments. The HER Foundation will continue its mission to seek out and support responsible researchers and clinicians that provide compassionate care to women with HG.”

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One Small Step for Woman, One Huge Leap for HG Awareness #LEAP4HG

Meet Nicola Lennon, brave HG mom of two boys and skydiver!  Nicola did her part to help HG women by taking a huge leap for HG awareness – jumping out of a plane and skydiving! On Saturday, August 16th 2014 at Black Knights Parachute Centre in Lancaster, UK she took the plunge to show every HG woman that if you can get through HG, you can do anything. “Jumping out of a plane is easy compared what I endured with my HG pregnancies,” said Lennon.  “I wanted to show my support and awareness for HG women and help out the HER Foundation who was such a great support for me during my pregnancies. This is my way of saying thank you to HER and letting HG moms know that HG gave me a new perspective on life.  Take nothing for granted and enjoy each day!” Nicola also raised funds for her local HG support organization in the UK and HER Foundation sister charity, Pregnancy Sickness Support (PSS).

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2nd Annual HER5K was a great success!

Maribel and Chris LaLanne from LaLanne Fitness Crossfit in San Francisco warm up the HER5K particpants (Read the LaLanne’s thoughts on the HER5K here)

For race results go to

It was an emotional day, but one that was filled with excitement and hope. On May 31, 2014 over 300 participants and volunteers came to the National Harbor in Washington D.C. to be a part of the day to raise awareness for HG. The weather was perfect and the location beautiful. HG women and their families came from all over the United States and even an international participant! Some of the states represented were California, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, New York, Michigan, Massachusetts and Pennslyvania. The day started with a rally speech from Ann Marie King, co-founder of the HER Foundation, (read Ann Marie’s speech).  King then proudly introduced an HG survivor and her husband, Maribel and Chris LaLanne from San Francisco, who own a very successful fitness gym in the Bay area, LaLanne Fitness Crossfit. The couple got the crowd stretching and moving before the race began. “We are so greatful to Maribel and Chris for being here today, they are dedicated to the cause of helping raise awareness for HG and we are so proud to have them as part of our HG awareness volunteer team,” said King. Once the race began everyone was ready, many HG moms showing how they are back to being stronger than ever for the 5K walk/run.

Once the run ended Caitlin Dean,  a trustee for the UK charity and sister charity of HER, Pregnancy Sickness Support, (PSS) was introduced and gave a speech about the international collaboration that would be happening between HER, PSS and Beyond Morning Sickness to truly raise the level of awarenes for HG women worldwide. (read Caitlin’s speech) Awards were given to those runners with the top times in their age groups and then HG women and their children gathered for a great the annual HG sisters picture at the National Harbor. We hope to see everyone again next year!!!

HG and Your Teeth

By Sharon Boyd
Registered Dental Hygenist

dentalpicWhen I attended dental hygiene school we were taught that pregnancy has absolutely no affect on the health of a woman’s teeth. After getting out into private practice I found that my patients constantly told me otherwise. Not yet being a mother myself, women consistently explained that they never had dental problems until they were pregnant, and then they seemed to all come at one time. Dental professionals are always told about the effects that bulimia nervosa and gastrointestinal reflux have on eroding tooth enamel, but we’re taught to think that a vomiting pregnant woman doesn’t affect dental health at all. Then there was hyperemesis gravidarum, aka “HG.” If any pregnant women had problems with their teeth, it was these moms.

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A Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) pregnancy – Backwards Baby Weight

By Brynn Quick

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 11.26.27 AMI can vividly remember the first time I wanted to eat while I was pregnant. I was about 18 weeks along and had had my PICC line since about week 12. I had lost close to 30 lbs. in the pregnancy thus far, and the most I had been able to eat at any given time was a handful of popcorn or an apple slice. During my first hospitalization of 11 days it took me 72 hours to eat a tiny bowl of dry AppleJacks cereal. But here I was at 18 weeks, lying on my parents’ sofa bed with TPN coursing through my veins, and I DESPERATELY wanted a bite of pizza. Just one bite. I wanted to taste it. My shocked parents and husband quickly ordered a pizza and we all hoped that my “window of opportunity” wouldn’t close before it arrived. When it got there my mom slowly, cautiously brought me a slice. We all knew that nothing I ate would stay down, but I took a bite anyway. And it was the Single. Most. Spectacular. Thing. I. Had. Ever. Eaten. I had never tasted anything so amazing in my life. I started crying before I had even gotten a chance to chew. “Oh my God, it is so good!” I sighed, with tears running down my face. About 4 minutes later I ran to the bathroom to be sick, and when I returned to bed I looked my mom straight in the eye and said, “If I make it through this, and the baby makes it through this, and everything is ok in the end, I swear to you and to any god that is out there – I will NEVER complain about my weight again. Even if I gain 200lbs. after this, I promise I won’t care. I just want to eat again.”

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Zofran Safety

We have received emails expressing concern over the recent article citing possible cardiac complications due to the use of Zofran. However, the risk was stated by the FDA to be in patients given 32 mg of Zofran in a single dose, which is not done in pregnancy or for HG. While safety is not proven for any drug during pregnancy, it appears that any potential risk of Zofran is quite low and needs to be assessed with an understanding of the risk of not using the medication. Read more >>

We’re Turning 10!

At the HER Foundation we are ushering in our 10th anniversary with what we hope will be a fun and inspiring celebration, marked by gratitude for the achievements of the past decade and vision for the future of HG awareness, research, treatment, and support.

Among the highlights:

  • A 10-day social media party on our Facebook page and Twitter handle, October 14th through 23rd.
  • A “10 for HER 10” Giving Challenge aimed at jumpstarting funding for the next decade of HG help and hope.
  • Our First Annual “Heroes for HG” Honors, to be announced on our website and social media October 22nd.

Please join us in celebrating 10 years of help and hope – and in looking forward together, toward the next decade of advocacy for HG moms.

HER Foundation to attend and be a sponsor of Research Conference this Fall

The HER Foundation is bringing the voices of HG women to a research conference at the University of Pittsburgh in early October. The Biology and Control of Nausea and Vomiting 2013 is targeted to both basic researchers and clinical investigators working in the field of nausea and vomiting. The conference will be useful for clinicians needing up-to-date information about treatments for nausea and vomiting, such as in patients suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum (HG).

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HER Volunteer raises $11,000 at golf tournament, with special guest speaker, ABC’s local reporter and HG survivor, Doreen Scanlon


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On June 23, 2013, 144 golfers came out for the 19th annual Brayton Point Station Charity Golf Tournament. Brayton Point Station is the largest fossil fuel power plant in New England. Station employees, family, friends and vendors came out to support this years charity, the HER Foundation. Typically a charity is selected because an employee is with the charity or has been impacted by it. The HER Foundation had a special meaning for me this year as my wife Pia is a three time survivor of Hyperemesi Gravidarum (HG). The tournament committee (Wes Bushika, Mark Huck and Bill Spicer) would like to thank this year’s guest speaker Doreen Scanlon, HG survivor and news anchor with ABC Channel 6 in Providence RI. The committee is excited to present the HER Foundation with an 11 thousand dollar donation!

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HER/UCLA Find Antihistamine Linked to Preterm Birth

ucla-david-geffenOne of the reasons the HER Foundation was created was to fund much needed research on HG. With the help of UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine we have funded over $46,000 in research grants. Thanks to all of the HG moms who have participated in our research! Because of you, UCLA has been able to identify medications (antihistamines) and other factors (gestational hypertension, early symptoms) linked to preterm birth and low birthweight babies in hyperemesis pregnancies. See Table 5 for the list of over 35 medications/treatments used compared to pregnancy outcomes and effectiveness. Share this research with your medical providers so you can make informed decisions together on how to treat your HG.

Download the Full Study Here.


Click to see more photos

Click to see more photos

The HER Foundation has been overwhelmed with the response we have received for the 2nd Annual HG Awareness Day (May 15th) evidenced by 400% more visitors to the HER website the past week, as well as the most widespread reach ever on Facebook and Twitter.

We received great support from some of our partners and supporters. We’re grateful to HG moms across the globe who shared powerful personal stories in social media today, and to all who took action to educate and advocate.

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HER Foundation’s favorite article on HG after Duchess Kate Middleton was diagnosed

From the Reporting on Health Member Blog, December 10, 2012

Dear Media: Kate Middleton Does Not Have “Morning Sickness”

The world’s most famous pregnancy brought overnight visibility to a little-known but serious prenatal complication, when Britain’s royal family announced the Duchess of Cambridge’s hospitalization for treatment of hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) – a debilitating and even life-threatening condition marked by severe, unrelenting vomiting and/or nausea that can lead to rapid weight loss, malnutrition and dehydration, with potentially dangerous health consequences for both newborn and mother.

Read the full article here.

An interview with HG author, advocate and survivor, Ashli Foshee McCall

chronicles-book-lrgThe HER Foundation and Ashli Foshee McCall are like old friends — they go way back and have been working together to help HG women around the globe. For many years, Ashli has donated her books to the HER Foundation to help us raise money for awareness, education and research. Ashli has just released a new book, The Chronicles of Nausea. A diary of her successful battle with HG in her fourth and most difficult pregnancy, Chronicles is an inspiring “must read” for all women coping with the disease. The HER Foundation thanks Ashli for her continued support for HG women and the HER Foundation. We recently asked her a few questions about HG and her books.
Purchase any of Ashli’s books here.
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HER Foundation blogs with the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition (HMHB) to raise awareness of HG

Healthy Mothers, Healthy BabiesThanks to National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition for inviting the HER Foundation to guest write for their monthly blog to help raise HG awareness! Click on our guest blog below and after reading, please be sure and leave your comments with HMHB to let them know you appreciate their support! We also send happy and healthy birthday wishes today to Duchess Kate Middleton, whose pregnancy recently made global headlines when she was hospitalized with hyperemesis gravidarum (HG).

HER Foundation forms alliance with CaringBridge to help HG women stay connected to family and friends

Caring BridgeThe HER Foundation has formed an alliance with CaringBridge, a nonprofit offering many ways for people to care for each other during any type of health event. CaringBridge services are available online 24/7 to anyone, anywhere at no cost. CaringBridge offers protected online spaces with multiple privacy settings. Personal data is protected and not sold. People don’t see intrusive advertising on CaringBridge sites and planners. Continue reading

Dad-To-Be Competes In Ironman Challenge to Help Raise Awareness for Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) and Raise Funds for The HER Foundation

brynn-storyMeet Lake Placid Ironman competitor Grant Quick. He has seen first hand what HG does to a woman because his wife, Brynn, has suffered a great deal from HG this year. Brynn is due to give birth to their son by the end of the month and Grant wants to do what he can to raise awareness and funds for The HER Foundation. “The HER Foundation was a huge support to us when Brynn was going through the worst of Hyperemesis Gravidarum.”
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UCLA Receives $46 Thousand Check From the HER Foundation For Groundbreaking HG Research

UCLA checkThe HER (Hyperemesis Education & Research) Foundation proudly presented a check for more than $46 thousand to Dr. Marlena Fejzo, geneticist, of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA on Friday, September 14th. The donation will fund continued groundbreaking research on a relatively unknown, debilitating pregnancy condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum, or HG.

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A letter from Dr. Marlena Fejzo, Harvard PhD, HG research scientist and HG survivor

mfejzoDr. Marlena Fejzo wants to share her story with you about HG and share why she is so dedicated to the cause. She is grateful for the help of the HER Foundation over the past few years in helping fund and recruit participants for her research. Dr. Fejzo is truly one of the leading researchers in the world for HG. Her letter is to all HG women and their families who have endured the challenges of HG in pregnancy and how it has affected their lives.

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Rare Disorder Turns Pregnancy Into Nightmare

video-rare-disorderThanks to Angela and Justin Phelps of the Lansing, Michigan, area for sharing their story of HG with their local FOX affiliate, WLIX! You both did a great job and have helped raise awareness for HG! We also want to thank Dr. Robert Seiler for his words about HG as well. Raising public awareness is vital to the cause and we truly appreciate your efforts. A special thanks to the reporter, Caroline Vandergriff for mentioning the HER Foundation’s continuous efforts in raising awareness, education and research for HG women and placing our petition campaign on the FOX website. Little Nina is precious and an HG survivor just like her mommy!

2nd Annual HG Awareness Day 2013 to be officially recognized!

world-day-2013bHER has exciting news…..May 15, 2013 will be recognized by Chase’s Calendar of events as the official HG Awareness Day! Chase’s Calendar has been the world’s datebook for more than 50 years. Chase’s Calendar of Events 2013 will be published in September of 2012 and will list May 15th as the official HG Awareness Day! Chase’s Calendar of Events is the most comprehensive and authoritative reference available on special events, worldwide holidays and festivals, civic observances, historic anniversaries, famous birthdays and much more. We have finally made the record books thanks to your support! This is one BIG step for HG awareness worldwide.

A special thanks from the HER Foundation founders….

video-hgdayWe want to thank you for the incredible efforts by HG women and their families around the globe for a truly amazing First Annual HG World Awareness Day! The day was a GREAT success thanks to you! The support we received from women around the globe and their efforts touched our hearts and made our determination even stronger for finding an answer to why HG happens and finding a cure. The notes we have received from women and their families about how the website helped them get through their pregnancies truly means a lot to us and when we started the website over 8 years ago, we knew women needed a place to find support and know they were not alone in their suffering. We are so glad you found some comfort and support during your pregnancies. Continue reading

NFL wife, Amanda Tynes, joins forces with the HER Foundation to raise awareness for Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG)

tynesAmanda Tynes is a two time survivor of HG and the wife of the NY Giants kicker and SuperBowl Champion, Lawrence Tynes. “I am excited to add my voice and personal story with HG to the HER Foundation’s mission of increasing awareness and procuring funding for education and research. HG is a terrible disease that very few doctors or nurses seem to understand. Pregnant women around the world are suffering every minute of everyday with no answers or help to get them through their pregnancies. HG needs to be researched and studied by the medical community so these women don’t feel alone and helpless to a condition they cannot control. No more lives need to be lost because of the lack of research of this horrific disease” said Tynes. “We are thrilled to have Amanda on board with us to help raise awareness, research and education funding for HG. Amanda’s story is one that many HG women will identify with and we know Amanda’s passion for making a difference for HG women around the world will truly help our efforts,” said Ann Marie King, Co-Founder of the HER Foundation. As part of celebrating the first annual world awareness day on May 15th, this year Amanda and her husband signed the HER Foundation petition asking the United States government to start funding HG research. In the months ahead Amanda will join with founders of the HER Foundation in meeting with government officials and medical associations to discuss HG and its effects on women around the globe.
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Governor Dennis Daugaard of South Dakota signs Executive Proclamation for Hyperemesis Awareness Day, May 15th

daugaardThe HER Foundation thanks Governor Daugaard for proclaiming Hyperemesis Gravidarum Awareness Day on May 15th, 2012 for the state of South Dakota. “We want to thank Governor Daugaard for being the first Governor to recognize HG awareness day and we are encouraged by his recognition of the need for awareness for HG women in his state. We hope it will inspire state lawmakers to follow in his footsteps for future Awareness Days. This is a huge step in raising awareness, education and research and we are truly grateful,” said Ann Marie King, Co-Founder of the HER Foundation.
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Congratulations to Mel Burdett for being the top recruiter for our holiday research campaign!

Mel will receive a $200 gift card from Amazon thanks to her recruiting skills! Way to go Mel, thanks to your efforts and that of your friends the HER Foundation and USC/UCLA are closer to reaching thier research goal! We are looking for both HG and non-HG mom’s to be a part of the study, so please email to join, it truly is the most important thing you can do to make a difference for HG moms in the future!