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If HG continued past mid-pregnancy, did you experience complications during delivery related to your poor health such as a strained ligaments/joints, pelvic floor damage, prolonged or weak pushing, fainting, low blood pressure, low pain tolerance, forceps/assisted delivery, broken bones, nerve damage, low amniotic fluid, fetal problems due to difficult delivery, etc.?


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Archived Article from Health magazine

From Health magazine:
Health magazine

Beyond Morning Sickness
By Dinae Mapes
Sure, a little queasiness is normal. But what do you do when you're nauseated 24-7?


My sister Peggy is hooked up to an IV when I get to the hospital, tubes snaking out of her arm as if she were plugged into a modem. I settle a bundle of books and magazines onto her bedside tray and prop up a picture of her 21-month-old son, Charlie. "Hey, Peg, what's going on?" I ask trying not to sound worried. I am terrified, of course. Peggy looks pale and flat, her face melding into the hospital pillow like an ornate peice of embroidery...

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Originally published in Health magazine, May 2004.
© Copyright 2004, Health Publishing, All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.

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