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Postby poekie » Dec 15, 2011 6:29 am


My name is Ingrid and I am now 26w pregnant.
I'm a bit of an outsider here, as I am not from the states but from Europe, but there is very little information/awareness for HG in my country.
I was only diagnosed with 22w, when I was hospitalised after vomiting blood and collapsing, and there are very few doctors who know anything about or even believe in HG.
I've had to stop working and stop doing work around the house, that has helped a bit but the vomiting and nausia still haven't stopped. Now I feel bad for letting my collegues down and making my partner do all the work in the house.
Next monday my partner and I have another apointment with again a new doctor at our hospital, but I'm absolutely scared. I don't even want them to understand anymore, I just want them to believe me and that seems to be impossible for most doctors...
I joint to find some understanding, and maybe even some tips although I've started to realise there isn't much I can do except for waiting till it passes...
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Re: A Bit about Me

Postby stacyadams66 » Aug 27, 2012 1:20 am

Hi. I'm Stacy. I'm new to this. I am from WV and i have a lovely 2 yr old. son and one on the way. I am currently 10 weeks. Just recently found out that I have HG. I had it also with my first pregnancy but was undiagnosed. I have been beyond miserable for the last 7 weeks and on top of that I have been trying to care for my 2 year old while my husband works. Sometimes i just break down and cry. I'v been to the ER twice now. Finally found a medication that has somewhat worked for me but still unable to leave the house. It is very nice to know that others are going thru the same thing and that i'm not alone! :) Not sure how often i will be able to use this site however because the computer screen still makes me sick at times. Good luck to everyone else dealing with this disease and I wish happy healthy pregnancies to all!
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Re: A Bit about Me

Postby Saberry » Dec 05, 2012 4:42 am

Hi ladies! I just found out about this condition after almost thirty years of not knowing that this is a serious medical condition. I saw on the news about princess Kate and felt mt heart pounding. She is pregnant and in the hospital for severe nausea and vomiting? Since when did they hospitalize for that? Is it because shes rich/famous? It sounds like me. OMG is she going to have to same everyday issues I had? Will she keep her baby? Well, I found out the name Hyperemesis and read about it most of the night. Im overwelmed by all of you out there. Im so mad/sad that we have to go thru this just to have a baby. That i never had anyone to talk to about it back in the day. I was pregnant twice and terminated the pregnancy twice. Im married and wanted to try again with my husband. But,lifes cruel agenda threw pre menopause at me and I had a huge Fibroid that grew tentacles and infiltrated the lining of my uterous removed. The doctor had to leave 10%of the tumor so that I could keep my uterous just in case by a miracle I might conceive. That was 2003, doesnt look like time is going to be on my side now either. Im just so happy that im not alone. Im not a freak. I didnt want to have abortions I just didnt know how to survive with HG. Nothing new to you but I thought I was going to die a couple of times and at my sickest I didnt care.The isoloation was horrible. I couldnt tell my family,They were Jehovahs Witnesses and against pre marital sex and murder. Back then you couldnt say im having a abortion because im throwing up. You get your head talked off or start being preached to why sex is only for a husband and wife. The few friends I did tell tried there best, Drink tea, eat crackers,you know the drill. Well I moved to Oregon along the coast and have no friends. So, after a while if anyone wants to befriend me and meet up for coffee that would be great. I almost feel like I have all these sisters that were givin up for adoption and we now have found each other. I have no kids but I do have dogs. I have niece who has lived with me since birth. She is almost twenty two now and shes my best friend. She has so many of the same complaints and ailments too. I have been totally honest to her about my whole life and now i have the answer to the worst one so far HYPEREMESIS. I even told my husband. Im not alone,Im not alone. Thank You so much by starting this forum. Ive already donated $50.00 and plan on more from my husbands next pay check. feel free to contact me if your lonley too .
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Re: A Bit about Me

Postby DanielleRenee » Feb 20, 2013 4:03 pm

Welcome to the 2%. Thats whats been explained to me. This is my 2nd pregnacy and I truly dont know what to do with myslef. I am so sick , on my 9th week. I have been sick since before I found out I was pregnant. What do I do to feel better. I even lost my job while having a doctors excuse dude to excessive absence. I was the only one working and with my 5 year old in tow I dont know which way to turn. My first pregnancy I miscarriaged which was 10 years ago and probably undiagnosed. My second I had no symptoms. And here we are now. Im due in late sept and will keep anyone who is willing to help posted. Thank you.
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Re: A Bit about Me

Postby billie.jean » Apr 17, 2013 1:06 pm

Hi My name is BillieJean,
I have gone through HG twice and the first time was horrible because I didn't understand what was going on. no one really knew anything and the doctors made me feel like I was crazy. after being admitted in the hospital a few times I finally found out about HG and other women who go through it as well! I was so relieved that I wasn't crazy! I found a good OB/GYN through this H.E.R. website and he knew exactly how to start helping me and after about a month of treatment I felt SO SO much better. still not wonderful but better then i did. I am here today because I want to be able to help other moms going through HG and also my husband and I are going to start preparing for another pregnancy and I know I will need some help and support.
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Re: A Bit about Me

Postby leahmsilverman » Apr 18, 2013 9:50 am

Glad you have a good doctor on your side, billie.jean! Good luck with ttc!
DS 12/22/08, hg from 10wks to birth
DS 09/15/10, hg from 6wks to birth
DS due in 08/2013, hg from 4wks to birth

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Re: A Bit about Me

Postby mamaxyz » May 02, 2013 11:02 am

Hi, my name is Keri. I'm living in Maryland and from West Virginia. I'm 35. I had my first child last October following a moderate HG pregnancy (nothing felt moderate about it!!). He was my 5th pregnancy. I am sad to have 3 early angels from m/c. I am also sad that I had one prior HG pregnancy with no real support that ended in an early termination.

During the first HG pregnancy, I was unaware of what HG was. I was unable to keep food down and sometimes unable to keep fluid down. I was put on Phenergan suppositories, but they did not help control the NVP. I kept missing work and needed the paychecks badly at the time. The father (I was financially supporting us both btw) became verbally and emotionally abusive to me, and I found the end of my rope. I did not know how to be that sick with no support and gave up. I still grieve that loss. I grieve the m/c's too.

Finally, I met the man who was better than my wildest dreams and we decided to get married. He is so patient, loving, supportive, and generally my own personal superman (with a soft, gentle heart). We wanted kids but had an appointment to see a fertility specialist due to my repeated m/c's. Before that appointment date arrived, we were pregnant. At 5 weeks, I was nauseated. At 6 weeks, I was severely nauseated and having trouble functioning. At 7 weeks, I began vomiting uncontrollably, became severely dehydrated, and had to go to the hospital for fluids, Reglan, and Zofran. I was sent home with ODT Zofran 4 mg. It worked for a few days and stopped working. I was put on 8 mg ODT Zofran. It never helped. I was transitioned to Alere and put on the pump. I HATED that pump, but it kept us alive. I had all the awful welts from the pump and the Zofran side effects. Even on a high dosage and using my extra doses, I was still dysfunctional. I could not bathe or clothe myself. I could not walk upstairs without help. My DH became my nurse while also taking care of the dog and house and working more than full time. I used all my vacation and sick leave and then used 10 weeks of FMLA. I had serious sensitivity to motion, sound, smell, and touch. I lost 20 lbs (11% of my body weight at the time) in a month. I thought I was dying many times. I thought I was misdiagnosed and really I had some aggressive form of cancer they were not catching. I still had my very, very bad days where my ketones went wild and nothing stayed in me. Those days landed me in the hospital for IV fluids, meds and electrolytes.

My weight stabilized at 16 weeks. I was able to come off the pump at 19 weeks and back to work by 20 weeks. Things slowly improved and I was blessed to only have mild nausea in my 3rd trimester instead of a full relapse. After starving though, my body clung to calories and I gained a lot of weight in the last part of my pregnancy. I'm still struggling with how my body lost so much muscle mass while starving and bed ridden and then gained so much fat while preparing for breastfeeding.

My DH and I always wanted at least 2 kids. I'm trying to have the strength and courage to plan another pregnancy. I don't want HG to win. I don't want it to change our family plans. I stalked these forums while sick. Now that I'm planning a new pregnancy, I wanted to join and talk to people to create a plan and protocol. We will be moving soon, so I also want to get recommendations on providers when we land somewhere new.
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Re: A Bit about Me

Postby Louise Rose » Oct 14, 2013 3:21 am

Hello. My name is Monique and an Australian living in France. I am pregnant with my second child and suffering again with HG. Seems to be worse this time around as the medication I used for my first pregnancy isn't working. Only at 9 weeks and already been hospitalised and finding it extremely hard both physicaly and mentaly.

Luckily I have a great doctor who is proactive in treating HG, though I am amazed at how many people including midwives just don't understand HG at all and are way too quick to pass judgement that we are simply weak pregnant women who can't handle morning sickness. Having to justify yourself when you are already feling like death is just inhuman.

I was so happy to find this website and forum as I have never met anyone else who suffered from HG and would love to find a buddy who could understand what I am going through. Thank you for making me feel less alone.
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A Bit about Me

Postby subiemom » Oct 22, 2013 3:41 pm

Hi, my name is Amy and I am in my second HG pregnancy. My husband and I have been together 8 years and married 6 1/2 years. We have a 2 1/2 year old daughter Alicia.

In my first HG pregnancy things were going smoothly until about 6 weeks. Up until that point I had been fine. People kept asking me if I had gotten sick yet and I kept saying "no" thinking I must be pretty lucky. Boy, were things about to change. I don't really remember how it started but I remember my husband driving me to the fertility clinic (we had not been released to the regular OB yet) and I threw up the whole way there. I asked them if they could help me but they said they did not treat pregnancy symptoms, they just helped get you pregnant. They said I would have to talk to my regular OB about it. Well, I called my regular OB and they said they would not see me until about 9 or 10 weeks, can't quite remember. In between this time I think we went to the ER at least twice for rehydration and I vomited several times daily - most of the time just bile because I had given up on eating. I finally went to my OB and they gave me zofran. It didn't work and after several attempts at OB for help and more trips to the ER, the ER doctor finally called my OB directly and told her that I had HG and I needed proper treatment of it. What a saint he was!! They got me set up on home nursing care right away. By this time I had lost 30 pounds and when the nurse came she said she couldn't believe I was not in the hospital. I was beyond dehydrated. She couldn't find any veins and the one she found blew up. I remember the pool of blood all over my dining room table and the floor. They set me up on 24/7 IV fluids and a zofran pump. I hated having both but after they finally got the dosing right, I stopped throwing up. Things seemed to resolve around 14 weeks (at the beginning of November 2010) but I didn't start feeling better until a couple of months before my due date. I don't remember Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's or Valentine's Day. At all... Then I started having pre-term labor, once while I was out of state! But delivery went very smoothly - it was a piece of cake compared to the hell that had come before. And we have a beautiful and wonderful daughter.

I found out I was pregnant with our second baby less then 24 hours after we got home from a 2 week trip to Kauai. The first night in Kauai was rough, but I thought it was just jet lag from the 20+ hour journey to get there - guess it was something else. The rest of the trip was great. Occasionally I felt nauseous but again just chalked it up to the time change. Funny story on how we found out. We landed, came home and a couple of hours later I dislocated my toe. So we had to go the ER, I realized at that point I was late getting my period and knew they would have to take an x-ray. So I took a test and low and behold - positive!! It was a little surreal this time since it happened on its own and not with fertility treatments (I have PCOS). I was OK for the first couple of days and then the nausea hit. And this was at only 5 weeks along. The doc gave me zofran and phenergren right away. I took both religiously but I was still extremely nauseous. The only reason I didn't throw up was because I spent all of my time trying not to throw up. At 7 weeks exactly, the vomiting began...I couldn't fight it any longer. The doctor, having known what I went through before, immediately put me on home nursing care. This time I had only lost 10 pounds by this point. They put me on a Reglan pump this time since I had very bad welts with the Zofran pump and 24/7 IV's. They didn't want to take me off the IV but my daughter elbowed me one day and it hurt so bad so I took it out and wouldn't let them put it back in. My ketones were at 1+.... I swore I would try to drink more... yeah right... like that was going to happen. I still kept throwing up but I didn't want a Zofran pump so I just dealt with it. 4 1/2 weeks later I had had enough of the pump and the needles so I told them I was done. I was taking Zofran, Phenergren and Reglan orally. Still throwing up. Still nauseous. Finally around 15 weeks, the debilitating nausea went away but the vomiting did not. I am at 19 weeks and just threw up about 30 minutes ago. "There went lunch again" I have had so much support this time from other HG moms. It has been great. We can laugh together and we can cry together. It is an instant bond between strangers. Only other HG moms understand what it is like and all it entails.

Happy to find this forum. Always great to be able to share my story and for the readers to "get it" - when you try to explain it to non-HG moms, they just don't get it.
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Re: A Bit about Me

Postby growinglauren » Jul 20, 2014 8:33 pm


I'm newly pregnant (almost 5 weeks), and still feeling okay. This is my fourth pregnancy. One ended in a miscarriage. I carried the other two to term, but with a lot of trauma along the way. HG took me entirely by surprise the first time. With my second child, I was somewhat better prepared. I had nausea and vomiting during my entire pregnancy, but I would really only characterize those first few months as HG. My medical team never really named it out loud, or not that I remember, but I had to be hydrated intravenously, had to quit my job/take medical leave, lost 9 pounds in a month, and was on Zofran, Phenergan (sp?), and something else. I couldn't tolerate light or motion or sound, couldn't keep down water, except at night in sips, cut with a small amount of apple juice.

It was traumatic. I'm happy to be pregnant again, but nervous about what might be ahead of me. Also nervous because my sickness was never as extreme with the pregnancy that ultimately ended in a late first trimester miscarriage.

Trying to get my resources together while I feel well.
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Re: A Bit about Me

Postby akirose_18 » Sep 09, 2014 12:48 am

hello I'm Jenna from Philippines, I am already 9 weeks and been suffering HG for the past three weeks already. i was hospitalized last week and was put on IV since i was now severely dehydrated and vomitting endlessly. got out after 2 days but i cannot say that i am totally healed. I am so scared and no one understands. my family constantly push me to eat for the baby but they just don't get it and doesn't know how it feels to be feeling helpless and not eating. i cry at night feeling sorry for myself and my baby that i cannot give him/her enough nutrition. my husband, bless him is taking care of me during this difficult times but i cannot discount that he feels that i'm way too exaggerating sometimes and that my sickness is all in the mind and that i should not think about it.

I just want to feel that someone understands and support me during this difficult times. i so want to eat a lot of food and i miss eating. i just cant do it right now. please help.
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Re: A Bit about Me

Postby edaliyah » Sep 22, 2014 7:45 am

Hi i'm eda from quezon city, philippines. My 1st pregnancy was alright. My 2nd was i think an undiagnosed HG since OB only believed in natural relief measures. So she wouldnt say its HG. no meds for me then. But my 3rd and last was the worst. Was diagnosed as HG by my gastroentorologist and suggested confinement to my OB, who then became and is now the head of the all natural pregnancy practice at the hospital. Very fortunate already to have metoclopromide as my medication considering my OB is against meds as they might affect my baby. Better not to take a risk accdg to her. Everyday dragged on. Felt like a zombie. I vomited something reddish at 9weeks and was confined with severe acid pains and only ranitidine, metoclopromide and iv fluids were given. So everyday i forced myself to eat what i could. All liquids and all fruits tasted so sour. I would vomit at least 10x a day. I bathed once a week sitting down. Couldnt brush my own hair. Heart palpitated with every movement i made, always out of breath from extreme fatigue. The 8th month was somehow better. Gave birth full term. Having breastmilk production problems (unconfirmed IGT) and i dont know if its connected to HG in any way. Would love to help HG moms.
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Re: A Bit about Me

Postby pamelaz00 » Feb 20, 2016 10:31 am

Hello ladies!! I'm Pam and I'm from Virginia. I've been married to my husband for most 3 years and we have a 2 year old son. When I'm not suffering from HG and it's wonderful aftermath of PTSD, PPD, and PPA, we enjoy outdoor activities like fishing and hunting. Oh and I love to cook (stupid HG! I miss my cooking!).

I suffered from HG pretty much my entire first pregnancy. I took Zofran and Benadryl the entire time, I also tried Reglan and Phenergan and they didn't help. Even with the Zofran, I was still sick. I have once again found myself pregnant and suffering from HG. It doesn't seem as severe this time (yet) but it still sucks. My doctor is standing firm with not prescribing Zofran this time and only gave me Phenergan and Zantac. I haven't been in for fluids yet this pregnancy, but I feel it headed that way. I am currently 8 weeks 5 days. This will definitely be my last child.

Hugs and prayers to all of you ladies. I'm always here if you need anything.
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Re: A Bit about Me

Postby Seawaterdrop » Aug 07, 2016 12:46 am

Hi. My name is Mireia. I am Spanish, living in Oregon, USA. I do not know if I have hg, I am just confused, a bit desperate and in a new country where, so far, doctors haven't been too understanding.

I got pregnant last fall. I had never in my life had any digestive problems, I didn't even know what a Tums was. At week eight I started feeling sick, but actually rarely vomiting. Most symptoms were expectable, heartburn, indigestion, revulsion to some foods, constipation... but I slowly also started having horrible stomach pains. I was on holidays and it wasn't until two weeks later, when I tried to go back to routine, that I realised how I had completely stopped my life. My whole day by then consisted in managing to eat something and crying in pain on the sofa for the next 3-4 hours. I was off my usual blood pressure medication, not allowed during pregnancy; by the time I ended up in the ER after vomiting quite a bit of blood, it was totally out of control, probably because of the pain. Unfortunately, our baby died two days later at 12 weeks. Symptoms stopped immediately.

I am now again pregnant , nine weeks. This time, digestive issues started earlier, at 6.5 weeks. Again, all seems "normal" except for this searing pain as if something is eating me alive inside me, and the fact I'm eating much less and much less variety (I'm losing weight). Last week the doctor gave me 15 Zofran. It reduces pain to bearable, and I manage to eat something. It worries me whether it may harm the baby, though. And I'm also afraid the doctor won't give me any more - I am not functional without it.

This second time I am vomiting more, but still much less than what hg Is supposed to be, I think. The only exception was yesterday, when I vomited three times in two hours, almost a liter of what I think was acid and bile. That made me consider hg.

Is there some variety of hg, or some other illness, that has less vomiting but involves undereating and severe pain?

Thanks. I didn't know where to ask. No doctor could see me yesterday (Friday), so I'll try again to get an appointment next week.
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