How Does This Forum Work?

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How Does This Forum Work?

Postby PamelaRose » Jul 17, 2005 5:20 pm

The Buddy System works by pairing up an expectant mom with a survivor. If you fit either category, you are welcome to jump in and tell your story. Pairing is done according to both geographic location (I'm still hoping for another HGer from my area!) and common history. So tell us about you--who are you, where are you from, what is your HG and pregnancy experience. If you would like to find a buddy, just ask. If you would like to offer support, wonderful. You and your buddy will be provided with basic information, and the two of you can determine how you contact one another. Some buddies stick with forum posts and e-mails, others do phone calls and regular mail, and some even meet in person.

The main objective of a buddy pairing is providing support through the dark hours of HG from someone who's been there. The bulk of the buddy relationship falls on the supporting mom. If you are volunteering to pair up with an HGer, please keep track of her so we know what's going on! We all get uneasy when a sick mom goes missing for a time, and having a link to her beyond this forum can put our minds at ease. The expectant mom can help out by providing the information her buddy needs to know in case her illness worsens, including hospital info and advising family members that a buddy may be checking in.

So please, post about yourself. Every HGer deserves support and understanding; we really aren't alone, and there is comfort in companionship. Best wishes to you all!

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