Abbreviations and Commonly Used Terms

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Abbreviations and Commonly Used Terms

Postby PamelaRose » Jan 01, 2006 11:40 pm

*HG = Hyperemesis Gravidarum
*HGer = woman who's experienced/experiencing HG
*HG Fairy = much-hated mythical creator of HG
*HG Island = place where we send all the stupid people
*Cracker = what stupid people say to remind us that it's "just morning sickness"
*Fluffy Bunny = woman who had perfect, glowing pregnancies
*HuGS = previous HG forum; archives can be visited at

*IV = Intravenous - through a vein; used for fluids, meds, vitamins/nutrients
*Peripheral = hand or lower-arm IV for short-term use
*PICC = Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (long-term use) - a long catheter inserted near the bend of the elbow;
the line runs through the arm and ends in a large vein just above the heart
*Midline = a catheter inserted below the elbow and ending in a vein before the shoulder
(related to PICC line, for more limited use)
*Central Line = a catheter placed into a large vein, beginning either in the neck, chest, or groin
and running into a large vein just above the heart; for long-term use

*IM = Intramuscular - injected into a muscle
*Sub-Q = Subcutaneous - infusion pump that administers medications via a small syringe inserted beneath the skin
*Oral = swallowed in pill form
*Sublingual = dissolves under tongue
*Suppository = rectally (or vaginally) administered
*Hootching = vaginal use of suppository (or sublingual) medications

*TPN = Total Parenteral Nutrition (nutrient solution administered via central line or PICC line - also "hyperalimentation")
*NG = Nasogastric (feeding tube inserted in the nose, running to the stomach)
*NJ = Nasojejunum (feeding tube inserted in nose and continuing through stomach, into bowels)
*G-Tube = feeding tube surgically inserted into the stomach
*J-Tube = feeding tube surgically inserted into the bowels

*bp - blood pressure
*pg - pregnant/pregnancy
*u/s - ultrasound
*GD - Gestational Diabetes
*preE - preeclampsia
*m/c - miscarriage
*AFP - Alphafeto Protein, tested to diagnose genetic or chromosomal abnormalities

*TTC - trying to conceive
*AF - "Aunt Flo" - menstrual period
*BD - "baby dancing" - intercourse while trying to conceive
*DPO - days past ovulation
*2WW - 2 week-wait (to find out whether or not pregnant)
*BFP - big fat positive - positive pregnancy test
*BFN - big fat negative - negative pregnancy test
*HPT - home pregnancy test
*BF - breastfeeding/breastfed

*foodment - food mentioned (warning for HGers with weak stomaches)
*grossment - gross topic (warning for others)
*weepuke - involuntarily peeing while puking due to pressure
*Zofranpoo - constipation caused by Zofran

*DH - dear husband, darling husband
*DP - dear partner
*SO - significant other
*DS - dear son
*DD - dear daughter
*MIL - mother-in-law
*FIL - father-in-law
*SIL - sister-in-law
*BIL - brother-in-law
*OB - obstetrician
*MW - midwife

*LOL - laugh out loud
*LMAO - laughing my @$$ off
*ROFLMBO - rolling on floor, laughing my butt off
*BTW - by the way...
*IMO - in my opinion...
*IMHO - in my humble opinion...
*TIA - thank you in advance
*KWIM - know what I mean?
*pita - pain in the @$$
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