1st time. Looking for emotional support for recovery

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1st time. Looking for emotional support for recovery

Postby Danisz » Apr 01, 2016 9:57 pm

After reading many of the posts I feel almost guilty even complaining about my condition seeing what others have gone through and multiple times. But I am looking to share my story and hear encouragement/inspiration from others who have gotten through, got out of depression, and even signed up to do it again!

10 weeks today. 2nd pregnancy. First miscarried at 8 weeks and had no symptoms at all. This time right at 4-5 weeks the nausea and vomiting started. Thought this is normal morning sickness and was almost excited to have it. 3 days later after not being able to move, talk, or keep any fluids down I started worrying. Two trips to the ER and 10 days later I had an appt with my OB and had lost 8 pounds in a week. Ketones in the urine. She was concerned. Tried zofran which stopped the vomiting but didn't do squat for the nausea. Had phenergran suppositories which were a nice 12 hour break from life but weren't allowing me to eat. Eventually got put on diclegis and upped to the max dose. After a week of diclegis I was able to keep fluids down and then food but this was after 3 weeks of trying everything else. At this point I have it manageable where I am back to work. I keep food down but I still have sometimes unrelenting nausea, vomit a couple times a day, and frequent retching but it is SOOO much better than how I was.

I had debilitating nausea and constant retching where I couldn't stand or talk. It wasn't just smells but sounds, visuals, and touch also that set me off. I couldn't even look at my kitchen let alone go in it. I won't get into the details but after going through this nausea for 6 weeks now I have developed aversions that I fear will never go away. Some bathrooms in my house I associate with the awful early days and can't stomach going in them. I can't cook or touch dishes which I think seems normal..but I can't open my refrigerator, even when holding my breath and getting only water out. It is an immediate retching.

I'm wondering from experienced women, do these associations go away when you get better? Also, I got extremely depressed and even thinking back to how I felt and what I went through in the early weeks is very traumatic to me and hurts. I wondered how other women felt and how you lifted yourself back up?
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Re: 1st time. Looking for emotional support for recovery

Postby DianaS. » Oct 16, 2016 5:12 am

Hello I realize it's months from when you first posted the questions and hopefully you have found your own positive answers. From my own experience I was able to look past those horrible months once I had my babies. At the time you feel like you'll never recover and swear never to get pregnant again but from my experience as time goes by you look past it. You never ever forget the horrific experience but I know I'm not alone when I say that even knowing what was laying ahead I decided to have a 2nd and currently pregnant with my 3rd. There is always hope.
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Re: 1st time. Looking for emotional support for recovery

Postby smatarazzo » Oct 17, 2016 2:03 pm

For me, many of those bad associations started to fade slightly. I still can't handle the smell of certain things and even the taste of some of the things I tried will probably always remind me of those times. I can't smell fabreeze without felling nauseous. I was back to normal, for the most part, after a few months. I forced myself to just do normal things, like getting things out of the fridge or eating meat again, reminding myself that I should be fine while doing them.
If you keep trying to do those things, I would think you should eventually get used to them again. HG does change you, but you can control how much that is :)
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