Post partum anxiety & depression

Recovering from birth & months of Hyperemesis, encompassing post-partum concerns such as nutritional and physical recovery from HG, breastfeeding support, and infant medical issues stemming from HG (infant reflux, feeding issues, prematurity, etc.).

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Post partum anxiety & depression

Postby witch_baby » Nov 30, 2013 1:48 am

I had my baby early and it was stressful. After all the HG, I have a premature baby. I wasn't prepared. I can't breastfeed which I really wanted to do because she isn't ready too. My milk is gone now. My depression started the day I was supposed to pick her up from the hospitals nursery (three days after I gave birth). I was tired, stressed, had to attend my own baby shower and then pick her up. I cried in the bathroom at my baby shower and was miserable. Luckily everyone thought I was just tired. I pent the night she came home crying. I was ready for her wanting t be held all night and her crying if she was put down.
For the next three weeks I spent half my days crying and feeling sad for no real specific reason. I was very sleep deprived and catching up on sleep helped. As the depression calmed down he anxiety kicked in. It's best described as a bad feeling with no real cause or reason. I saw my doctor a obgyn and she suggested a counselor and Zoloft. I don't want to take anymore medications and dont want to see a counselor. The main reason being I read it takes 6 weeks for the medication to kick in and you have to be weaned off it. It also makes you sleepy.
I also only have insurance until the end of December and can't afford to pay out of pocket for things. I am not eligible for Medi-Cal or Medicare or anything like that.
I am a little worried. I thought I was feeling better but in the past few days, I have had random episodes of moodiness and sadness. I am afraid of not just having baby blues but post partum depression. It's been a month since I gave birth. I just want to sleep all the time as it's better than being awake and feeling anxiety and/or depression.
Does anyone have any advice?
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Re: Post partum anxiety & depression

Postby Saph18 » Dec 02, 2013 12:39 pm

Hi witch-baby,
Congrats on the birth of your little one!

I am sorry to hear that you have been struggling so much since the birth. Hg is gone only to be replaced with another challenge :(

I think you should consider the treatments that have been suggested by your doctor, they can only help you in the end. If you want to avoid médications for now, you could start with the counsellor and see how that helps?

Lots of hugs! It's so Worth it to take care of yourself and aim to feel better! xxx
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