Second Trimester Eating Junk after HG

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Second Trimester Eating Junk after HG

Postby TangerineTea » Jan 07, 2014 5:47 pm

I hope this is the right place to post this, and I hope some people familiar with HG can weigh in.

I started recovering from HG around Thanksgiving, just after second trimester, which I am still in. It was the worst I had had (this is my 3rd HG pregnancy). Bedridden, lost over 13 lbs, IV fluids, had to hire a sitter to care for my kids. I could only eat toast, rice, potato. It has been a slow recovery of gaining back strength and eating more. I am just now back up to pre-pregnancy weight.

I cannot bring myself to take the gummy prenatals that I took while I was sick with HG. I also cannot bring myself to take the regular ones that I took with previous pregnancies and post partum. I go to do it... and I just can't. I should have better will power....but I think this time was so bad that I have horrible associations/aversions with them.

I do eat some vegetables, salad, fruit, eggs, meat, whole grain bread/oatmeal....etc. Real food which is usually all organic. I do eat some of this type of food every day, snacking or across meals. My worry is that I am eating majority of just junk!! I was never this bad in previous pregnancies. I am a near perfect healthy eater normally, and even after the last two HG experiences. But this time I am like off the deep end with cheese, ice cream, cereal, muffins, cookies, candy. I am so crazy about sugar I don't know how to get a handle on it. It really feels like an addiction. I have never had gestational diabetes, and I am slim and tall. I have not been craving greasy things or fast food....just a lot of dairy, sweets, and carbs.

Is this just some big adverse reaction to literally starving for two months? Is it because my body needs certain vitamins?? I feel so bad about such junky eating.

Thanks for any advice or sharing your experience.
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Re: Second Trimester Eating Junk after HG

Postby serephimlafey » Jan 08, 2014 10:22 am

I did the same thing. My husband made sure i ate some healthy stuff but i was super addicted to sugar and carbs. I ate at least one candy bar a day and would only drink juice that was super sweet. As for the vitamins, my Dr said i could take the kid gummy vitamins. They taste like normal gummy bears so it worked with my sweets thing.
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Re: Second Trimester Eating Junk after HG

Postby ShannonD » Jan 24, 2014 2:57 pm

When your body is put into starvation mode it consumes your stored energy - fats, then muscle, to make energy. When you start taking in food again your brain sends a message to your body to get as much food as quickly as possible to replenish fat stores & even store extra fat for the "next" time you might have to starve. It's primal instinct for our bodies to do this. As far as what you crave to replenish your body's energy.... well it is probably different for everyone. Also being pregnant we are going to go through phases of just having crazy cravings! lol! I know my OB told me after my first HG pregnancy to wait a minimum of 3 years until thinking about getting pregnant again so my body would normalize & recover from the first pregnancy.
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