Need dental implants due to hyperemesis and molar pregnancy

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Need dental implants due to hyperemesis and molar pregnancy

Postby Ruinedteeth » Jun 12, 2015 8:22 pm

Basically I'm 27 I have a small son under two and my nightmare started when I was 21 I became so sick upto 100 times a day I would vomit I couldn't leave my bed I was exhausted and lost about 4 stone at my lowest weighed 5 and a half stone, I was at home after another day of vomitting blood when I suddenly started to bleed from my womb I went into shock and was dying I was literally bleeding to death in my bathroom my partner kept me awake long enough for the ambulance tobgetbout there which took about 40 minutrs the paid can only be described as death pain I knew I was soon going to die I was givin transfusions at the hospital and rushed to emergency surgery which thank god saved my life I actually remember waking up from anaesthetic and opening my eyes thinking I'm actually alive it was like seeing everything for the first time I really didn't think I would.have survived I was then diagnosed with a molar pregnancy which isn't very common my pregnancy had caused all the illness but there was no viable baby just grape like costs and because of the amount of time I had been undiagnosed a 13 cm mass tumour had grown which is what my body just shut down over. After in recovery I was still ill I felt nauseous all the time and this carriedbonnfrom then I was vomitting at least 4O times a day I couldnt use transport I would become violent sick even in a short car journey it was unbearable I hardly ate or went out at all I was on medication but the vomitting was still so overbearing resulting in hospital trips for cycling injections and drips all the time I was exhausted physically and mentally. At 25 I managed to get pregnant and strangely at first the vomitting eased up but then all of a sudden I had the extreme sickness again in.the for of hyperemesis sometimes again 8O times a day it was horrific but thistle I managed to give birth to my gorgeous son who I love so much my little miracle he was tiny but healthy he was just a 4lb baby ibhad never seen a baby so small but so perfect. The first few months after mysin arrived I was still sick and extremely exhausted but as my hormones settled and my hcg dropped I had less sickness than the six years prior maybe just 10 times a day which was heaven for me compared to before soli decided to get the health problems whicbnit caused seen to. My teeth were fine before butbafter this six year period all of my upper teeth had literally eroded dissolved away by my stomach acid because of all the vomitting I could not tolerate dental work in the worstbtimes of my sickness asbitbwasbjustbto violent and I simply was underweight and anaemic so I finally headed off to my dentist to be told at 27 all they could Doncaster extract the roots and give me a denture I'm 27! Implants were the first option but only if privately funded which would cost me around 8000 as are free healthcare would only cover extractions and denture I was flawed this was because ibhad been so I'll not anything ibhad done I was shellshocked I thought after I got mybteeth fixed I would be able to start my life again like the person I used before my world was rocked by this illness but my happiness health and mental wellbeing had a great big pricetag, I was told that a denture would be viable for me as ibhad such a bad gag reflex simply wearing them would make me vomit so only option was extracting teeth and having nothing to replace them.justbwaljing around with no upper teeth the rest of my life I'm 27!if I was told it would cause extreme bone loss in my jaw and add around 15 years to thebwaybi looked age wise within a few years after extraction I was mortified so as a last hope I'm trying to fundraiser tobtake my smile and my mental health I want to smile again I want to feel confident and not worry if people are disgusted by my teeth I just want tobe me again but sadly that's going to cost 8000 which tears me up even thinking about.
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Re: Need dental implants due to hyperemesis and molar pregna

Postby Threesacharm » Jun 17, 2015 1:08 pm

Gosh! My teeth have paid the price too. I can't imagine what you're going through though. I hope you can raise the money!
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Re: Need dental implants due to hyperemesis and molar pregna

Postby lorijohnson » Mar 03, 2016 9:02 am

Search for a sedation dentist in your area to get the ball rolling. Don’t worry about feeling embarrassed or ashamed. Most sedation dentists genuinely want to help get you back on track with regular dental exams and cleanings. They are sensitive and empathetic to individuals that have put off care for reasons just like yours.
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