Catherine got crackered, Hello magazine

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Catherine got crackered, Hello magazine

Postby nemomum » Feb 21, 2013 10:15 am

#I was just reading 'Hello magazine' as there was an article about Catherine's pregnancy (Duchess of Cambridge) and the hospital she went to earlier in the year in an article entitled' 'Opening its doors to Hello!' Kate's hospital King Edward VII shoes how it offers the royal treatment'. This is the private hospital she was treated in and they opened their doors to talk to the magazine. You'd think that that place, of all places, would have looked into HG a bit. I read the whole article and have listed some of the things available that are mentioned, which I am sure Kate wouldn't have been able to make any use of nor wanted. However, right at the end of the article is this comment from the hospital martron, Caroline Cassels:

'Since leaving hospital, Kate is reported to have tried Turkish figs and lavendar biscuits to help overcome morning sickness [fair enough, it's her pregnancy and she can do what she wants]. Caroline has her own favourite remedies. "I would recommend ginger buscuits or ginger tea to alleviate nausea."' Save to say, my HG sisters, that poor Kate has been right royally crackered.

Here are a few more gems:
Five star care
'...see the elegant library where she may have taken tea...'
'sample the kind of food she would have been offered during her three day stay'
'The King Edward VII is considered the Bentley of private hospital. The private facility has even won awards for its food...we pass a fridge in the corridore, it's full of yoghurt, hospital matron Caroline Cassels approves.'

In an earlier guide they print to her pregnancy
Antenatal advice
'She is said to have recovered from her acute morning sickess, but has been struggling with nausea after eating. It's reported that she is using hypnotherapy to try to break the association.' Presumable then, someone is telling her that the nausea is being triggered by her thoughts and associations rather than being a symptom of her hyperemesis. I hope she has was offered proper anti-nausea medication. It would be up to her if she wanted it or not but I just hope she has been offered it.

Candles and cravings
There is a bit about how Kate has a craving for lavender biscuits and if they are helping her then that is all to the good but where did the idea come from, a possible crackering by her mother in law! 'It is believed Kate was introduced to the biscuits by her mother-in-law the Duchess of Cambridge, who thought the lavender would help combat the morning sickness from which Kate suffered from so badly...During the earlier stages of her pregnancy, she was seen tucking into a ginger biscuit while visiting a homeless centre in Cambridge. Ginger is also meant to help combat morning sickness.' I bet William is just munching those lavender biscuits on Kate's behalf to keep the peace.

'In addition to food...she has filled her home with the £39.50 Neom Contentment Candle which is scented with the oils of the buchu plant from South Africa. The smell is meant to help stop people feeling sick.'

Poor Kate, I just feel so sorry for her. Of course you have to be suspicious of magazine articles, most of the above is probably made up, but the bit about the hospital tour is different, the quotation from the matron is presumably genuine. Of course they can't discuss her personally so perhaps HELLO just asked the matron about her suggestions for morning sickness and not HG but you'd think the matron would have corrected them and, if not, then she must genuinely think ginger could help HG! You'd think she'd be getting the best of care but I think she has been treated as though she has morning sickness and not HG.

Have you seen the places she's been having to do Royal Visits to? She was in a kitchen with raw bacon and milk on the table at Hope House a couple of days ago. Surely they could just get her to visit non-food places and I hope they've given lists of no perfume or strong odours etc. Bunches of flowers must smell so awful if she has residual HG symptoms. Raw bacon when you've got HG nausea, pass the bucket.
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Re: Catherine got crackered, Hello magazine

Postby eliana1300 » Feb 23, 2013 8:33 pm

Everything that I have seen recently about her online has said that her "morning sickness" is "cured", which just has been aggravating me so much! I am so tired of people thinking there is a magic "cure" or "week" I need to wait to in order to feel better. When someone says something along those lines, I usually respond with "only so many months until the baby is born" because we all know that is the only real "cure" for HG. Plus, I keep reading about how many appearances she has to make. Like you, I can't imagine. It is enough for me that I get out to church once a week without passing out. Some weeks I can't manage even that! I do feel bad for Princess Kate. I would hate to be out and about that much, and totally surrounded by people. :(
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Re: Catherine got crackered, Hello magazine

Postby xrittle » Mar 02, 2013 7:01 pm

That poor girl. I thank heavens for her she's the reason I sought help- my DH read an article filled with her symptoms. Food locales should NOT be on the table unless the dear truly has gone fluffy. This American loves Kate. Bless you, Princess.
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Re: Catherine got crackered, Hello magazine

Postby joy_g » Mar 03, 2013 11:11 am

hi, nemomum!! can you believe i'm pregnant again? ;) glad to see you around. thanks for sharing the info on poor Kate. i swear, despite the glamour and fame i would not trade my life for hers for any amount of money. :shock:
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Re: Catherine got crackered, Hello magazine

Postby Nan » Apr 15, 2013 9:50 pm

:( I'd love to one day hear from her exactly how she felt/feels durign her HG.
Although I dont wish it on anyone, It has brough awareness of it into the media (even though they are still dismissing it as 'just bad morning sickness' like the examples you've given) And becasue of this I found out that what I suffered with had a name. Otherwise I would still be stuck looking though endless useless internet pages saying 'just eat ginger'...
I had never hear of HG and even though I was prescribed Maxolon and Zofran, the name was never mentioned to me, I just thought this was part of me always being 'weak' and 'unfit' and that for my next pregnancy I'd jsut need to work harder at being fit and healthy beforehand... :( How can Drs know this name and not tell us, especially in this day and age of internet....
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