Nurses... Some are great some are not...

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Nurses... Some are great some are not...

Postby Kayfroebel » Mar 22, 2013 9:33 am

I have been admitted to the hospital again. I was on a very strict medication schedule at home. I was never ever late for my meds. Here they sometimes dont give me my zofran. Well needless to say I got pretty sick. The nurse finally came in and gave me 8mg. About an hour and a hal later they came to check on me and I was still very nauseas. The nurse looked at me with this stern, scolding parent look on her face.

Nurse: "You got 8 mg of zofran you cant be nauseus."

Me: " i am sorry but I am still really nauseus."

Nurse: "You can't be. Your just hungry. You need to order breakfast. Here... (Hands me phone) order some toast."

She then left the room and i was super annoyed. I ordered the stupid toast and guess what? Yup vommited it all up!
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Re: Nurses... Some are great some are not...

Postby joy_g » Mar 23, 2013 7:39 pm

oh no! why on earth did you let her leave the room? you should have vomited on her!! :lol:
what an obnoxious "professional."
i'd insist on meds right on time. start calling the nurses station if you have to, and be a pest. it has to stay in your system! or maybe get IV zofran instead? hmmm.
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Re: Nurses... Some are great some are not...

Postby BoBaby » May 05, 2014 10:35 pm

Zofran works mostly as a preventative. That's why they give it BEFORE the chemo. Once the nausea has set in its too late. I was vomiting through the Zofran during one hospital stay and my smart nurse looked it up, brought in the Up To Date algorithm for my doctor and insisted on some phenergan - lord love that woman! Too bad they aren't all that helpful. I agree with prior post- barf on her next time.
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