Why haven't you been volunteering?

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Why haven't you been volunteering?

Postby AstronomyNut » May 08, 2013 5:08 pm

It's frustrating when people don't understand that hyperemesis is a life-threatening illness. Especially when they try to guilt you that you aren't doing as much volunteering as you used to. Well, I'm busy getting a few good hours a day (when added up, with lots of resting in between) that I pretty much use to get household chores done so that the place is hygenic to live in, and sometimes I even "dare" to spend them with friends so that I'm not so horribly isolated and lonely.
Honestly the fact that I even got 1 hour in this month is an accomplishment in my eyes. It was tough just standing long enough to shop in a store. Usually when I make it to a store it's solely for grabbing whatever I can manage to keep down that day, let alone picking up items for volunteer work.
And then when I try to explain, it's incredibly demeaning to cut me off and suggest *FOODMENT* ginger *END FOODMENT*. I'm at a point where when people cracker with foodments or drinkments, I just describe what it's like on the way back up. Ugh and seriously they keep calling it "morning sickness!" :evil: Noooooooooo, I take 10 pills a day and NEVER thought to try THAT! I was just having SOOOOOO much fun taking pills and still being nauseated. :roll:
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Re: Why haven't you been volunteering?

Postby Jocelyn » May 08, 2013 10:20 pm

I'm sorry! It IS so frustrating. People really just don't get it. Only those who have been through it can understand what it's like. Those who haven't been through it compare it to (and think it's just like) the closest thing in their own experience, which is usually morning sickness.

Don't worry about what they think you should be doing - you know how much you can handle at the moment. Just focus on what you know are the important things right now!
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Re: Why haven't you been volunteering?

Postby Kayfroebel » May 09, 2013 3:27 pm

Your frustration is understandable. You can always take the blunt approach like I have done recently with a friend and tell them to *badword* themselves... In my defense, she called me dramatic for heading to the hospital for a "stomach" bug that rendered me completely dehydrated, with a pulse over 150 and the baby's heart rate sitting around 210, not to mention preterm contractions they had to stop... However if you want a nicer, but equally satisfying approach, you can always puke on them. They can't get mad at you for it, but they will think twice about forcing you to do stuff you can't!

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