Crackered by a nurse

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Crackered by a nurse

Postby nightly_flowers » Nov 11, 2014 5:09 pm

So, I did one of those at-home ketone test strips as I have been having a particularly terrible week and it tested at the maximum level. The damn strip was practically bleeding. So, I call my OBGYN's office to see what they would like me to do. Got a call back from the nurse who ran down a list of meds I could try and I was like been there done that, doesn't work. I told that my biggest problem wasn't the vomiting, which only happens a few times a day, but my complete aversion to food and drink. She told me I needed to tough it out and force myself to *FOODMENT*nibble on crackers, toast, rice, anything bland really. I responded with, "I know, I find that the buttery texture of ritz crackers provide a very smooth and satisfying puking experience as opposed to the jagged hatefulness that is toast or saltines." /*FOODMENT* Seriously lady, this isn't my first rodeo. She was going to talk to my doctor about other treatment methods.

Doctors just don't take me seriously sometimes because I am usually very positive about things. Came into the ER because of a very bad gallbladder attack, they didn't take me seriously until they got labs back that said I was going into liver failure. There was a grown man who came in for his gallbladder at the same time. He was screaming for Jesus to save him until they pumped him full of morphine. I guess I am just doing this being sick thing wrong.
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Re: Crackered by a nurse

Postby daisybelle » Jul 08, 2015 7:17 pm

Good reply! I'm going to try to use that one!
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