Crackered and fished by doctor....

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Crackered and fished by doctor....

Postby anandalee » Sep 25, 2015 1:58 pm

*Post contains FOODMENTS*

So, after discussing my proactive HG treatment plan with my Dr... and viewing ultrasound (baby growing well despite my weight loss! Yay!)....

My doc sits me down to talk about other pregnancy matters. And then starts with the, "Make sure not to eat undercooked meat or mercury-containing..."

I didn't hear the rest-- my husband and I were laughing too hard. I was also trying not to gag. But mostly laughing. She says, "What's so funny?" and looks annoyed.

I say, "But I can't eat ANYTHING! Like I was saying!"

She stops talking. We keep laughing. We're both a bit delirious right now, to be honest, between the happiness of the ultrasound and the awfulness of HG.

She says, "You *really* can't eat anything?!?"

"No! No solids! This is what we've been talking about! And never mind what did you say? Undercooked meat and fish?!? I can't even *THINK* of that or I'll be sick!"

My husband was laughing so hard he snorted. My doctor just looked alarmed.

And I realized that, despite the fact that she is the one who diagnosed me and has actually been very helpful and supportive, maybe she doesn't understand what HG really is? Totally NOT a standard pregnancy, subject to standard pregnancy warnings!
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