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Postby Starfoot » Nov 17, 2006 7:36 pm

I like Brisk Ice Tea on the way down but even more so on the way up! We had a whole conversation on this a few weeks ago on the first trimester forum...

Worst ever puke so far: cream of wheat. Thought it'd be easy on the way up due to the texture, but I didn't factor in how much it would sour. Ugh. Splashback was bad too. Never again.

Chili came in at a close second. My mother made some for herself and I ventured a few tastes... BURNED on the way up. *shudder*

Ramen noodles are OK up and down, although considerable splashes and it's a bit sour on the way up. Easy to wash taste out of mouth though.

Strawberries are not too bad on the way up, they don't taste as good but they're not terribly nasty either and less of a burn than with some other fruits.

Chocolate cake turns SOUR coming up, nothing I'd recommend, sour chocolate? Whoever heard of it... Plain chocolate, ironically, tasted the same up and down. Weird.

Believe it or not after all this time I'm starting to be OK with bile, even the taste doesn't get to me. I even prefer the empty stomach pukes to food coming up. Less splash and less of that nasty throat irritation of too much food coming up at once. (I never had this problem pre-HG... for some reason my stomach now wants ALL the food out at once, doesn't stop to consider my throat's width has its limitations.)
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Postby Anameara » Jan 09, 2007 4:02 am

Milk: Terrible chunks, with the worst splashback!

Chili: Burns on return, and like refried beans, they get stuck in sinuses and nose.

Salad: Lettuce-awful, French dressing-tasty!

Side note:::::if you vomit in the snow, steam rises from it! Awesome effect!
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Postby Princesshood » Feb 03, 2007 7:30 pm

OMG totally agree with the salad. I think it may have been my personal worst. I hope I'll be able to eat it after the birth cause right now... no freaking way!!!

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Postby Susannah » Jun 17, 2007 7:46 pm

Nuts are BAD coming back up
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Postby Kev's_girl » Jun 19, 2007 9:00 pm

Well... let's see, I have a TON of things to add, since I've apparently not learned my lesson and continue to try and eat new foods that I think I might be able to tolerate.

First :sickfast: with HG was after eating at Red Lobster to celebrate my pregnancy (I was 5.5 weeks and everyone thought it was so cute I had to go puke!) I do not recommend Red Lobster ever again to anyone.

Applesauce- pretty much the same both ways, almost refreshing in an HG sort of way.

Granola bars- thought it was pretty good going down, but was like shards of glass coming back up. But, didn't really taste too bad, it just hurt.

Pizza - bad... enough said, see end of post.

Spaghetti - even worse, probably won't eat it for a LONG time after HG.

Chicken and rice soup - soup isn't bad either way, but I don't recommend the rice, too small and gets caught in too many orifices.

Ravioli - really wasn't as bad as you would think, but it has a horrible splash factor.

McDonalds fruit and yogurt parfait - VERY sour!!

McDonalds french fries - actually were just about the same coming back up only mushier. Splash factor was medium, but overall not too bad, I still eat them (and vomit them).

Gatorade - Orange flavor is the best, I would not recommend the grape though, it's very acidic coming back up. Burns the nose and throat.

Salad with pizza and garlic bread is still by far the worst puke I've ever had. I had an almost fluffy day somewhere around 15 weeks, and went to Cici's pizza with my mom, I swear I threw up for an hour to get it all out, and eat part of the meal was it's own distinct and horrible puke!! Won't EVER eat there again!
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Re: "What Goes Down Must Come Up" :book HGers - Gross

Postby nightly_flowers » Nov 25, 2014 11:02 pm

Worst - Orange Chicken - It burned, it was scratchy and while it tasted the same coming up, I kept choking and it came out me nose.

Bad - Anything with a tomato based sauce or anything with garlic. It always burned so bad.

Good - Hot chocolate - Smooth texture, slightly sour taste, but no choking and no burn.

Best - Ritz crackers and water - Smooth texture, buttery flavor, but without the water it acts like bread.

Note: If I knew I was going to be sick, I would pre-emptively take a tums to cut out some of the acidity. I also found that if I was repeatedly puking up bile, I could tilt my head to the side and prevent most of it from coming in contact with my tongue. I found this out when I was too tired to hold my head up to puke. It still burned but I didn't have to suffer through the taste as much.
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