Prep Resources 101: HER resources to help you get ready

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Prep Resources 101: HER resources to help you get ready

Postby teddi » Jan 31, 2008 3:41 pm

In this sticky is going to be comprehensive list of links to the many different pages/section of the HER site that would be helpful to prepping. Cover the ranges of a list of all medications use, to Dr referral list, to HER treatment protocol, to questions to ask your Dr, and more! In planning your preparation for another HG pregnancy, I highly suggestion hitting each one of these sections to help you walk thru the planning process.

1. Finding a Dr with HG experience. HER runs a list of Drs that have been referred to by volunteers/visitors to the website. There may be a Dr recommended in your area. Remember, each woman is different, so as with any Dr recommend, you should still call and schedule pre-TTC interviews to make sure this Dr works for you (and your insurance).
HER referral Network:

In addition, we have a forum folder to help with finding a Dr.

Further tips for finding a Dr. ... doctor.php

2. Interview questions to ask your Dr. If picking a new Dr, I'd also recommend ordering your medical records from your previous Drs/hospitals and reviewing them, and taking copies with you to your first appointment. Your previous history will be very important in crafting a new protocol. This will also enable you to better hammer out details with your Dr about planned treatments. ... doctor.php

Print out this PDF and take it with you. Add your own questions too.

3. List of Medications used to treat HG. Look to see what you have been previously prescribed (if any) and look to see what options you have. You may also want to contact your insurance and review some of these medications to see the exact details of what your coverages, co-pays, limitations are. ... ations.php

We also have a forum that deals specifically with medications and treatments questions:

4. List of homepathic/CAM/Eastern/Non-traditional treatments ... /index.php

5. Information on invasive therapy treatments. PICC lines, IV's, Feeding tubes (NJ and PEG). If your HG was undertreated before, or you previously need IV/invasive help, please review the many treatment types and get educated about the options, pros and cons.

IV treatement info: ... venous.php

Feeding tube info: ... ng-peg.php

6. HER site protocol ... otocol.php

7. Surviving HG. Mental Healthy & Emotional Support.
Coping strategies ... tegies.php
Monthly progress chart:

8. Friends and Family. And practical support
Have them review some of the following and/or print them out to give to your core support group: ... otions.php

tips for what your friends/family can do

Printable survival guide

8. Recovery plan. Ideas to help with the recovery from HG, tips on watching out for Post-Partum Depression (PPD) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Nutritional ideas: ... rition.php

PPD: ... ession.php

PTSD: ... stress.php

An example of a Post Partum Protocol (particularly good for those with history of depression/anxiety or at high risk of depression)
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