TTC.... impending doom

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TTC.... impending doom

Postby UK Mummy » May 30, 2013 3:05 pm

We are just starting TTC for number 3. we have decided it our last, i'm very excited but also very nervous about HG.
I started vomiting before i even had a positive test last time and continued to be admitted for IV fluids on a weekly basis throughout.
Like many of you say i think we forget the exact feelings we have, i just remember feeling worse than ever, with memories of laying unconscious on ER floors waiting to be seen for hours.
good luck to everyone! xxxx
UK Mummy
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Re: TTC.... impending doom

Postby katekate » Jun 14, 2013 3:39 pm

I've also just starting to think that a second baby might not be an impossibility, although I'm sure it's just that the longer away from the last HG pregnancy you get the more inaccurate your memory of it is. Can I ask how old your children are and if you have worked out how you will manage to look after them whilst having HG? My LO has just turned 2, and it's the worry about how we would cope as a family and the impact not having mummy "available" for about 8 months would have on my little girl that's really holding me back at the moment. I'm also in the UK,

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