How to prepare for HG if still breastfeeding (and TTC)

Discuss ways to prepare yourself, your family, and your protocol for HG.

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How to prepare for HG if still breastfeeding (and TTC)

Postby mamaxyz » Jul 03, 2013 2:58 am

Does anyone have experience with what supplements I could take to prepare for HG that won't impact my milk supply or be bad for my nursling?

I really want to do anything we can to prepare my body for the next pregnancy, and we want to start soon. But I want to keep nursing for as long as possible. I am already pretty upset that the HG will put an end to our nursing relationship once we are pregnant again. I can't stand the idea of supplements ending it any sooner.

Thanks for any input.

*possible trigger below*

Also... Hi, I am Keri. I've had three MCs, 1 HG pregnancy that was too much for me, and 1 HG pregnancy that resulted in my beloved DS. We're wanting a second child and trying to be as prepared as possible. I'm totally and utterly terrified of going through HG while being the sole caretaker of DS...but that belongs in some other post or thread.
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