Of all the protocol preventions....

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Of all the protocol preventions....

Postby jaidyn-elle » Dec 22, 2013 2:33 am

Which ones have worked the best!?
Those that had no HG, or considerably better pregnancies....and did a protocol.....
What did you do...what worked.... I see so many protocols but its hard to keep track of what was successful
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Re: Of all the protocol preventions....

Postby DebbieS » Dec 22, 2013 5:54 pm

My last preg was considerably better than my previous pregnancy - I still got HG, but with aggressive treatment was much less severe. In general my protocol aimed at finding ideas that would reduce the severity of the HG and help me get through it

Before ttc -
- I found a good high risk Dr & GP, had preconception appointments in which we agreed on a treatment plan beforehand. This meant that as soon as I suspected I was pregnant (before even a positive test), I could start on meds. It meant my GP was on the same page as my high risk Dr & I didn't lose treatment time waiting for appointments
- I did go the acupuncture/naturopath/Chinese medicine route trying to get myself as healthy as possible before hand as well as regularly going to the gym
- I took prenatal vitamins and B6
- I saw a pysch a few times to get myself as mentally strong as possible, as well as practising many strategies from a stress reduction book (eg self hypnosis, progressive relaxation, CBT)
- I assembled a huge folder full of info (meds, treatment ideas, things to keep me mentally strong, ideas for household management etc)
- I had organised care for myself & family - moving in with in-laws while pregnant, childcare, asking friends for specific help (I didn't want meals/visits, but valued phone calls, or them going out with my DH & son)
- I collected things that would help, eg stuff for prolonged bedrest, a pill-splitter, ketostix etc, diary for recording everything from my weight, in-take, med doses, Drs visits etc

My protocol was basically-
- early pregnancy - unisom & B6 (starting small & building up), as well as prenatal vitamins & ginger
- continue with acupuncture as long as I could
- add in zofran, antacid & stuff for constipation as the nausea/vomiting increased
- keep on increasing doses as nausea & vomiting increases
- going in early for fluids (using quick weight loss or ketones as a guide)
- starting on steroids once I'd lost 5% of my weight
- moving on to an NJ tube/long term hospitalisation (not having home-health where I live) if I couldn't keep food down for a week (I didn't get to this stage, as the steroids controlled the HG enough for me to manage my in-take

Getting through it mentally is the hardest task. You forget until you are pregnant again how apathetic you get & unable to care for yourself or make the best choices, how mentally tough it is, how long an HG pregnancy feels. I needed the help of my in-laws to ensure I was drinking, taking meds, taking me to-from hospital in the early stages. Phone calls from friends helped, as did practising my relaxation strategies as well as anything for a distraction (TV, computer games when I could tolerate them), or just tried to sleep through as much of it as I could
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Re: Of all the protocol preventions....

Postby jaidyn-elle » Dec 24, 2013 6:22 am

I agree that mentally getting through it is the hardest. im a different person with HG... like a a zombie who doesnt think like i do
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