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My List

Postby ellie » Jan 25, 2014 1:17 am

Although I am still waiting for the ok from my last OBGYN visit to start to conceive I have been starting on my "to do" list. (yes I am one of those annoying people who loves to make lists). I wanted to share what I have so far to give out some ideas I came up with. If anyone else has any additional ideas let me know. I am a big believer in trying to keep positive so a lot of my ideas focus on how I will do that.

***warning this is a foodment/drinkment***

To start even before I get the positive test-

1. Find a lot of motivational quotes. Write them on note cards and hang them up in my room,bathroom, around home etc.
2. Start writing letters and having hubby write letters/cards to open every week. Notes to remind me how strong I am and why I am doing this.
3. Plan my two week celebrations. Every two weeks have a small celebration that I made it through. Get decorations from dollar store. Hubby and family are willing to decorate.
4. Make my mom's "special soup" and freeze it. (soup is chicken,green beans,onions,corn,tomatoes,other vegis)- Only thing I was sometimes able to eat near end of pregnancy.
5. Stock up on ceprocal (spelling) cough drops. They were wonderful for the sore throat after throwing up
6. Stock up on soft peppermint sticks
7. Get a plastic bin from dollar store and stock it with a bag and to go to hospital stuff- calling card, warm clothes, eye mask, blanket.put this in car so it is ready in case of last min admit to hospital
8. find puke buckets. one for car, and about 3 for home
9. get commode from g-ma to put into room just in case
10. get journal
11. remind my self to take pictures (I have non from prev pregnancy) not sure if I will feel up to it but maybe hubby can take some
12. get small gifts (crafts to do with son etc) for son so he does not feel left out or forgotten
13. get my questions together for final appointment with dr
14. Get water less shampoo
15. Cut hair short so it is easy to do in evening
16. Meal plan so I do not have to do any cooking
17. Come up with new daily schedule and start practicing it
18.Write letters to son to remind him he is not forgotten
19. Find encouraging music/funny movies to watch
20. Make sure bed is propped up to prevent acid reflux
21. Get antacid that is ok to take during pregnancy

This is what I have so far. If I think of other ideas I will let you know.
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Re: My List

Postby Brynn1984 » Jan 26, 2014 7:34 pm

This is an awesome list. When are you planning to start ttc? We are going to start in August, just before my first HG baby turns 2. I am already making lists and protocols, so I understand your passion for organization :wink:
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Re: My List

Postby jjadams100 » Feb 07, 2014 3:46 am

Terrific list! Do you mind if I suggest one thing that helps me prepare? I stock up on paper goods - plates, cups, etc... so that I don't have to add a messy kitchen to my smell-aversion list. (My husband works out of town sometimes 3 days a week, so he's not always around to pick up the slack.)

So wise of you to prepare ahead. All it takes is having HG once, and it changes the whole game plan. :o
(I'm at week 6 of my 5th HG pregnancy.)
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Re: My List

Postby Wendy » May 12, 2014 10:41 pm

Wonderful list! I'm just in the middle of compiling such a list myself. The hospital stuff in the car is genius! Thanks.
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