How to prepare for HG with a toddler

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How to prepare for HG with a toddler

Postby Brynn1984 » Jan 26, 2014 10:05 pm

We are going to start ttc in about 6 months, just before my first HG baby turns two. My amazing mother is going to quit her job so she can take care of my son during the day while I am pg, and thankfully we will be living about 5 minutes from her. I know my son will be in great hands, but I am not looking forward to not being able to be with him all day. I am starting to put together my protocol and get things ready, so I am wondering what others have done for their kids. I have heard about making craft/activity boxes that you can do with your kids from the couch/bed. Any other tips on preparing things for the kids to make it a little easier emotionally?
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Re: How to prepare for HG with a toddler

Postby Saph18 » Jan 27, 2014 11:37 am

Hello !

My son is younger, he's 15 months now. We send him to daycare every day, even when I'm not working. My partner takes care of the morning routine, and helps a lot with the evening routine. We both had to make major changes in our work schedule to accomodate that, but so far, it's been working! I'd rather spend more time with my son, but at the moment, it's not possible, so I am learning to let go of the feeling of guilt, as I know he is well taken care of.
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Re: How to prepare for HG with a toddler

Postby Wendy » May 12, 2014 10:54 pm

I am planning on having my son at daycare in the morning with my husband dropping him off and then I will collect him mid day to put him down for his nap. This is the less bad part of the day for me. Then husband comes home early to do dinner and work from home in the evening while I hide in the bedroom from dinner smells. I have a box of activities we can do together and some really absorbing new little cheap toys for when I am really bad and just need bathroom time. Plus some dvds for him or for us to watch together. Then in the weekend we were planning to do things like hg friendly picnic in the garden (on better days), games in the afternoon, showing him our travel photos and telling stories about them whch he loves, Seeing what shapes we can find in the clouds. All simple things that a 3 year old would love at home. Just for little periods when the ability arises. Not sure if you have toy libraries in the US but if you do join! Great way to keep kids entertained and happy. It's very hard thinking about sorting all this stuff out for sure! Best of luck.
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Re: How to prepare for HG with a toddler

Postby ladyhutch » Jun 30, 2014 10:37 am

I'm in this boat now. I am 9w5d, and have an active little boy who will be three in august.

I have definitely done the craft box. It's a life saver. I got a high chair that sits low on the floor and put it next to the couch (my home for now). In the craft box/bag, I have crayons, coloring books and paper, stickers, pipe cleaners, play dough, silly putty, bubbles, story books, easy to get snacks for him, flash cards, and some toys. Its a life saver.

Dad is having to take up a lot of slack for me, but DS is his little buddy so it isn't so bad.

We have him in daycare, which is a lifesaver too. He gets to play and burn off a lot of energy so he isn't so hyper when he gets home.

When I feel up to it, I take him outside to play in the sprinkler. I lay on a chaise lounge and just watch him. He loves that.

I also had DH clean out a low cupboard, a low drawer in the refridgerator, and a low shelf in the freezer. We stocked them with easy to grab snacks and popcicles for him. They are low enough that he an grab himself a snack if he is hungry. We pre-package everything into easy open containers for him.

Its not as bad as it seems. We talk a lot about being gentle with mommy, and he is doing pretty good.
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