Preparing/support for 2nd pregnancy

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Preparing/support for 2nd pregnancy

Postby Alpear » Aug 16, 2015 5:18 pm

Hello everyone, I delivered a baby girl Jan 11/15 at 35 weeks. Although I was never officially diagnosed with HG (no awareness around here) I suspect it is what I had. From 4-6 weeks I was sick 20-40x a day. I was hospitalized at 6 & 7 weeks for fluids and anti nausea drugs through my IV. By the time I went to the hospital I had been unable to keep anything ( not even water down) for days and I would sit in my bathtub in cold water with a bucket for 12+ hours unable to move.
They started me on diclectin 8x a day along with gravol 4x a day. It brought my sickness down to around 5-10x a day.
At 14 weeks my husband had to go away for work for a few months. I was still sick and unable to cook for myself so I pretty much stopped eating. I survived on beets and rootbeer for almost 10 weeks. I never put on any weight, and was refered to a dietician whose sole advice was to "eat more".
At 26 weeks my husband finally came back, and found out that if he offered me 4-5 different food I could usually eat one. At this time I was also prescribed zofran and continued to take zofran/diclectin and gravol until I gave birth.
I was able to gain about 10-15lbs at this point but my daughter was continually measuring small. At 30 weeks they noticed my blood pressure was high so I was also started on blood pressure meds, I saw my doctor twice a week, had weekly growth scans, 2x weekly blood work and NST. At 35 weeks they decided that they were not going to allow my pregnancy to continue and induced me. My daughter spent 2 weeks in the NICU but is now healthy and happy.
My husband and I want to have another soon. We have already decided to hire a housekeeper and I will cook and freeze meals in advance, also, I saved some meds from my pregnancy, and my mother and mother in law have agreed to stay with us ( taking turns) for the first few months.
My issues are the way people treated me last time, telling me It was just in my head or that they had morning sickness and it wasnt "that bad" or I didnt look "too thin" and "why dont you just eat and you wont have to see all these specialists" I still feel angry and I dont know how to prepare for this again?

Thanks for listening to my story and ANY suggestions are welcome!
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Re: Preparing/support for 2nd pregnancy

Postby canadianjules » Aug 24, 2015 9:30 am

I am so sorry your HG was so poorly treated and that your symptoms were so ignored by medical professionals. I am so sorry that they felt they had the right or the insight to tell you it wasn't "that bad"- as if they could know! I am so sorry they didn't understand or at least try to empathize.

Isn't it amazing how medical professionals can trivialize the experiences of HG mothers? My midwife gave me a speech about other women who just "get on with life" and then vomit like it was no big deal the same day I was admitted to the hospital for 6 days for a 21 lb weight loss and severe dehydration. I could barely stand and needed a wheelchair to get to my appointment. My care has since been taken over from there by a fantastic OB. The same midwife told me the first time I saw him at 7 weeks (after an ER trip and fluids at my GPs office- both times diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum) that my face didn't have the "look" of hyperemesis- he wouldn't even look at the extensive notes my GP had provided and insisted I give to my midwife. I had lost 14 lbs at this time- but I didn't "look" miserable enough to him. We can blame that on the fact zofran was still helping at that point and the way I was raised- to put my best face forward. At 10 weeks when I showed up again I must have looked worse, because he sent me for fluids, and when my ketones wouldn't reduce until 6 bags of dextrose were given the nurses were astounded and the OB on call was called in. She admitted me immediately and changed my treatment drastically.

Anyways, I get what you are going through. This is my first pregnancy and while i have encountered the same dismissive attitude that you did (from my midwife and hospital dietitians) I also encountered the opposite. The first night in the hospital I cried with gratitude. The next day the OB told me she was amazed at how well I took my clearly horrible symptoms in stride. So there are good practitioners out there, ones who will treat your symptoms and treat you with respect. I do not want you to have another experience like the last one. It is truly horrible to suffer so much and then be made to feel it is your fault or that you are just not trying enough. It is simply not true. In fact before hospitalization, the harder I tried, the worse I got. EVERYTHING came up plus extra fluid. Eating and drinking just made me lose more than I took in. I think before you try again, find an OB who understands HG. Make a plan with him/her. It is great you have a plan for extra support too! That is something I wish I had now; unfortunately I do not live in the same country as my family! I thing there is a resource on the site about HG friendly OBs where you can try to find them in your community. Also, if you are American, make sure you have health insurance in place that covers zofran and other antiemetics. Also make sure your max out of pocket is reasonable, because you will likely get there fast: I know I did.

You deserve a practitioner that understands. I hope you find one and can feel at ease TTC! I also hope HG just skips you this time around! And if you do end up encountering someone who belittles you and trivializes your experience, just remember they have no idea what they are talking about! That same person would probably be floored by an encounter with food poisoning (who wouldn't) and that only lasts a few days and is- from my experience- way less intense than HG. When I get angry with the way certain care providers have dismissed me and allowed my symptoms to escalate, I try to just remind myself that they are just ignorant. I went to school to be a dietitian and learned nothing about HG, so why should I be surprised that healthcare profesionals know nothing- they are not taught! Also remember there are a bunch of us out there who have been through this and/or are going through this right now, and we understand. You are not alone!
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Re: Preparing/support for 2nd pregnancy

Postby CherylSparks » Sep 11, 2015 2:02 am

Hey, I have not come across this condition and I hope I won't. But as for 2nd time mother I want to suggest to take care for skin health. During pregnancy or after that skin tissues become loose and different issues like itching, scars and cellulites occur. I too had that and I know this happens while that period. To be safe from this doctor suggested to massage those parts like stomach, below it (womb), back, shoulder,etc where you feel itching.
Massage with small suction cup like cellublue, it is the appareil cellulite which has that much power to reduce those skin related issues by reducing unwanted fats of fat cells. It can be used on any type of skin since it is hypoallergic and no side effects will be there.
Due to this you'll able to stay healthy and with the beauty of your skin whether you are 1st time mom or 2nd time or a yet to become a mom. Its effective results are good. :)
For more information about it, you can just have a look at
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