Doctors in Park City/SLC Utah

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Doctors in Park City/SLC Utah

Postby cassie » Dec 02, 2015 5:47 pm

Hello, I live in Kamas just out side of Park City and I am looking for any advice/information on hospitals and doctors in the Park City/Salt Lake area. I currently have done pre conception consultations with Dr. Stephanie Singer (she delivers in Salt Lake but has an office in PC), Dr. Clark at the PC hospital and Tina Fought (CNM, delivers at Salt Lake Regional though she has an office in PC). I am trying to decide between Dr. Clark and Tina Fought art this point in time. I would love to have Tina as my midwife and feel comfortable with her HG protocol but I know very little about Salt Lake Regional Hospital and it is a good hour drive away. I liked Dr. Clark and would love to be at the PC hospital because of it's proximity but I don't have the best feeling about IHC's protocol with HG, a lot of that is past experience.
Does anyone have any experience with Salt Lake Regional?
Does anyone have any helpful information about dealing with IHC's protocol with HG?
Does anyone have any experience at the Park City Hospital?
Any experience with doctors or CNM with offices in Park City?
A little history on me-I suffered with HG with the entirety of my first pregnancy. We worked with a midwife at the Heber City hospital, Jewel Maeda. She was a wonderful person but hadn't dealt with HG that much. Because of that I didn't receive the best treatment possible and we dealt with things that could have been less complicated/less severe if not prevented. Had we known then what we know now we would have done things much different...hence the reason for this Momma Bear to be way proactive this time around! We should have been on a feeding tube and should have gotten on home health care much earlier. We don't know if we are pregnant now but we have been trying. I had everything planned out but now we have to switch insurance so I'm weighing different options.
If any of you Utah ladies have any input I would be very appreciative of it!
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