That's it for us as well

Discuss the triumph or heartache of not having more children, and the struggle to make that decision.

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That's it for us as well

Postby Trina » Jan 27, 2005 3:44 am

Hi, my name is Trina.. I'm from Australia and we have also made a decision that 2 is enough for us... I have spoken to my husband about a vasectomy to test the water... and i think he'll get it done... He said he also never wants to see me suffer with HG again... I'm now 18 weeks pregnant and have a 16 month old to look after... Which was also a HG baby... I said never again after that experience, but then after her first birthday.. Something didn't feel complete and we discussed it and fell pregnant.. by the 4th week i was sick and by the 8th week in hospital and also 12th week... I was put on Zofran (at my request with tears at the hospital) after reading all the information here... Seems to be doing the trick... Some days still bad, but not as bad as those dark days...

I have said that if something happens to this baby (((which i'm not hoping that anything will happen))) I have said to my family and friends and hubby etc... that i never want to fall pregnant again.... The depression i have felt and the financial burden is just too much to bear again...

My friend who also suffered HG with her two children also said the same thing she never wanted to suffer again and so her hubby did have the vasectomy...

You know, i'm almost too scared after the baby is born to be "loving" towards my hubby for the fear of falling pregnant.. I haven't been on the pill for years and years as it makes me too sick/nausea...

I really admire the women here that do make that decision to have more than two children and have had HG previously...

But personally for us.. I can't do it again...

Kind regards
Trina from Australia
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Postby meg » Jan 27, 2005 8:57 am


I know what a difficult decision this is. I've struggled with it this whole pregnancy myself. Just recently I decided to have a tubal ligation in conjunction with my c-section. It took a long time but I finally feel at peace with this choice. I just can't imagine feeling anything other than terror and despair over another pg! Congratulations on knowing your limitations. I hope you feel peaceful with your choice, too.

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Postby PamelaRose » Jan 27, 2005 10:01 pm

Hi, Trina. Like Meg said, it's admirable that you have recognized your limit and are finding peace with it. I've discovered that there's always a bit of grief behind the decision to limit your family to any size, but it's not so much about wanting to have one or two or how many more babies as it is about feeling FORCED by cruel fate into making a permanent decision while so many other women out there just skip through life not wanting any more babies, but able to remain fertile and know that they could handle it if it would happen. I had my tubal ligation when my youngest was newborn, and while I've never regretted it for a second, I do think nasty thoughts when I hear someone dismissing sterilization as "unnatural." Like HG is natural? :oops: I wish you all the best as you make this decision. You will have to rig up a chastity belt after the baby's born until your husband goes in for the vasectomy! LOL

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