Still wanting more babies despite HG

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Still wanting more babies despite HG

Postby nemomum » Nov 05, 2013 6:26 pm

Dear all,
I have had two babies and for the duration of both pregnancies I had severe HG. I love being a mum and although there is the physical recovery after HG, earlier this year I was just burning to have another baby, the desire to have another lovely newborn to hold in my arms was just overwhelming. Both babies were Jan babies, I get the baby fever April/May and I'm getting older so I can't just leave things. I got ill after the babies with hyperthyroidism and I'm now on treatment so there is this bit of me that hopes maybe I'd have a better pregnancy. None of the meds worked for me. I don't know if this feeling of wanting babies will go away, what if I just feel like this until the menopause? After baby one I took a whole year to mentally come to terms with the fear of getting pregnant again. I think I'll just leap if I get brave and just get pregnant because you just have to endure the HG then as the price of becoming a mum but there's that feeling of joy and absolute terror at the same time when the pregnancy tester goes positive and even the month waiting is just flipping between fear and hope.. I'm 36 next year and I've got my two children to look after myself most of the time as hubby works away. I'm more or less bed ridden with sickness and nausea but I can drag myself around and keep buckets everywhere and my mother will be retiring so I'm not entirely alone here. I'm so torn between wanting more babies and not wanting to be that sick again. I think my family almost assume I must be exaggerating how bad the HG is when I mention how I'd like another baby but they don't understand that it isn't that the being sick isn't bad, it's that the baby is so wonderful to have that I will pay that price if I can just get brave and healthy enough again if I can just not think about what's coming first. I'd have to manage making food and nappies while pregnant too and I couldn't control noise/light/smell like I could when I'd only had one child and she was little. I don't have to make up my mind right now and I'm not quite making it to selling the baby bath and things from the attic so I'm clearly not thinking I'm stopping at two. Maybe I could leave it a few more years and then just have a baby for myself when I'm a bit older, one to just be a mum to a newborn again while I still could.
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