How do I find a health professional?

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How do I find a health professional?

Postby admin » May 26, 2004 11:34 pm

Doctors who treat complicated pregnancies (perinatologists or high-risk OBs) are often more experienced with hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) and may provide you with the best care. Unfortunately, midwives are not trained in treating HG, especially more complex cases, and are often very conservative in their care. If you want a midwife to deliver your baby, find a group of health professionals that includes both a high-risk OB and a midwife to co-manage you. High-risk doctors are more likely to intervene earlier and may be more aggressive in treating your symptoms, thus potentially decreasing your risk of complications.

Also, physicians associated with research centers, universities and/or medical schools are often most up to date on HG management and causes (meaning they won't suggest it is a psychological issue). Sometimes they have a greater number of treatment suggestions for you. Each practitioner will vary greatly in treatments offered, so it is best to discuss your specific symptoms with more than one before deciding.

Health care professionals experienced in treating HG, as well as select hospitals with treatment programs for HG, comprise our Referral Network: ... /index.php

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