Medication that works and helps prevent miscarriage

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Medication that works and helps prevent miscarriage

Postby Angielamb » Dec 28, 2004 4:09 pm

I have been using a progesterone cream this pregnancy (my 4th) and wow what a difference. With my first I was in the hospital with an IV and out of work for a month. I'm sure you all know the story! The second I miscarried. The third I used Zofran. This one I am using this cream and it works! My doctor also tested my progesterone levels to see if they are low. This is sometimes the cause of miscarriage. If you start miscarrying make your doctor give you a shot of it. It has saved the babies of a number of my friends! My doctor said it could also help with the nausea. So far so good. I can't belive it. What an answer to prayers. And it's natural and safe, not nearly as expensive or risky as Zofran.
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Postby ischa » Dec 30, 2004 4:55 pm

Hi, that is great news. I miscarried my 3rd pregnancy at 16 weeks after several trips to the hospital for dehrdration. How pregnant are you now? Do you think the creme is helping with the HG as well? Did you start taking it in advance.

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