Zofran Cost

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Zofran cost

Postby Nik » Apr 06, 2005 4:36 am

I've also been on Zofran for the first time this pregnancy and found it much more effective than previous meds. My doctor prescribed the 8mg tabs (4 pack) which cost $84, $78 and then $4.80 at three different chemists on the Gold Coast (all with a HCC). Needless to say, we've stuck with the third chemist! I've also had the problem of an inexperienced GP and decided to see an obstetrician early who was willing to help quickly.
Now off all meds at 16 weeks and improving. Yay!

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Postby di » Apr 06, 2005 6:52 pm

hey niki thats great that you are off the meds. i am 31 weeks and still need the zofran cheapest i can find is $135 for 12 tabs = 11.25 per tab. i think its different in QLD with stuff like that, (i am in NSW) my mum lives on the gold coast, and i am still on her pension card - even though i've gotten married, changed my address and name so i cant just get her to get it for me as it wont go thru! :( anyhow, i can split the tablets in half some days now, so its not such a burden :)

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