Steriod questions

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Steriod questions

Postby Where the blacktop ends » Jan 28, 2005 10:48 am

I started steriods on Sunday but am having a lot of problems. First I cant take them with food like it is recommended. I have tried, eat a bite, take the steriods and just sit there. My problem is that I get very strong cramping pain in my stomach/abdominal area after taking the meds.

I mentioned this to the doctor( or rather several doctors), no one seems concerned and just tell me to keep taking them.

One of the doctors put me on Zantac, and told me to quite trying to eat food and just do ensure/boost. So I have been trying that. The pain is getting worse with each dose, even though the amount of steriods I am taking is decreasing. Last night I was up for over an 1 1/2 hrs in pain after my dose.

Now this morning, my stomach is still sore, cramping occasionally. And I have yet to dare to take the morning does, wondering what it will do to me.

I already am on Zofran, which helps the vomitting but not the nausea. I also take phenergan at night. Plus now the steriods and the Zantac.

We are having a lot of problems right now with getting a good doctor so I have an apt scheduled for Tuesday with a new OB. But have asked several doctors this question, including a GI, with no results.

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Postby teddi » Jan 28, 2005 3:12 pm


What steroid are you taking? How many milligrams per pill?

I had a very hard time keeping prednisone (10 mg pills) down, especially when I was supposed to take 50/60 mgs (meaning 5 or 6 pills at a time).
I'd puke them right back up, so I leared to take them about 20-30 mins apart, two pills at a time. I was much more successful keeping them down when I did that.

They DO upset the stomach, is your Zantac helping? How many weeks are you? Maybe you can get your Dr to prescribe you a PPI (protonix, etc) instead of the Zantac (I tried but couldn't but others on the forums have and I think the PPI helps much more than Zantac- especially when the heartburn is very bad).

Your taper also sounds pretty quick to me since you say you just started Sunday but have already tapered down..generally the steroids take effect very quickly- and you should have an increased appetite, if you continue to taper down and they aren't effective yet, I'm wondering if this treatment will help you at all.

I hope you find a new dr who is much more helpful.
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Postby Where the blacktop ends » Jan 28, 2005 3:47 pm

I am taking methylprednisone. I started Sunday at 48 mg, 4 pills, 3 x day. Wednesday I tapered to 32mg, 4 pills, 2 x day. Then Saturday I will taper to 16mg, 2 pills , 2 x a day.

I have no appetite. I am still very nauseated, especially if I move. I am managing about a boost a day, and trying very hard to increase. But the stomach pain is making it very difficult to do that.

I am very concerned because even though I have the vomitting under control, thanks to Zofran. I am still losing weight. I have lost about 20lbs total now, and I am only 10 weeks along.

This isnt my first time around the block with HG, but the worst. Prior to this Zofran was the "magic" pill. I too am begining to wonder if the steriods are going to work. And it is very depressing since I feel like I am putting the baby further at risk with each medication, even though I "know" malnutrition and dehydration is also very bad for the baby.

Thank you,
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