headaches on steroids???

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headaches on steroids???

Postby elizgay » Feb 02, 2005 7:20 pm

Has anyone on steroids had headaches as you've tapered or gone off them? My first time around on prednisone I started getting headaches at about half dosage (20mg) -- not too bad at first and controllable with tylenol. A week later when I was down to 5 mg and then off of them, I had three migraines. I relapsed and was hosptialized after 4 days off the prednisone, then was put back on. I am starting to have mild headaches again and fear them getting worse. In the hospital teh second time they gave me various narcotics that would make the headache go away until the drug wore off. SO tired of being such a druggie/science experiment!! Although, the drugs have helped and I do thank goodnes sfor the miricles of science. I see my midwife tomorrow, but I'm just curious about other experiences. Thanks!

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