Bad Experience With Reglan

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Bad Experience With Reglan

Postby missuniversal » Feb 17, 2005 7:07 pm

When I first went to the E.R. for dehydration the doctors and nurses told me that i had HG, which they said was " a fancy term for morning sickness" and that " unfortunately" there was nothing they could do except restore my liquids through an I.V. They also told me that I only had 5 more weeks to go and that really made me lose hope. After I returned 3 more times and lost 9 lbs. in 2 weeks they took me a little more seriously and gave me Zofran through I.V. and sent me home with the prescription. Unfortunately I couldn't hold anything down especially pills so when I returned to the hospital again they gave me Reglan through an I.V. and I had THE most horrible reaction to it. I had an extremely terrible panic attack and I could not control myself or my jittery limbs. I thought I was losing my mind. When they admitted me into the hospital I was given a special bracelet that was red and it said "REGLAN" on it so that all staff would know that I could not be given that drug.
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Postby meg » Feb 17, 2005 11:22 pm


I am so sorry that you had such a miserable experience with Reglan. I know others here have similar stories. Have you found a medication that works for you? Zofran is available in a sub-cutaneous pump form so you do not have to swallow pills. Is this a possibility for you?

I hope that you find the right treatment to stabilize you ASAP.

Good luck.

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Postby amoberly » Feb 18, 2005 7:32 am


Zofran is also available in ODT (orally dissentigrating tablets) that you don't have to swallow. I could not handle swallowing the pills either, so this made a huge difference for me. In my first hospital stay with my last pregnancy, one of the drugs I was on made my vision blurry. I thought at the time it was just because I was pregnant (i heard that your vision could change) but i'm pretty sure now it was a side effect from the meds. It is so uncomfortable to feel out of control of your own body! Phenergan gives me some of the symptoms you described from Reglan... I thought I was having a nervous breakdown the first time it happened! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!
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Postby hollymom » Feb 18, 2005 9:30 am


I had the exact reaction to Reglan that you had. It was awful! I felt like I couldn't breathe and like I was going to die. It was a huge disappointment to me because the Zofran didn't seem to be the miracle drug that I had hoped for. But I kept trying and eventually found the a combo of IV Zofran and IV high potency Benadryl really helped me. People here seem to benefit from many different combinations of meds so ask your doctors to keep trying!

I'm also from the Chicago area. I live in England now, but lived through all my pregnancies in Wheaton. I know a few other women in the area who had hg. Private message me if you would like to chat or if I can give you any futher support.

Love, Holly
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me too

Postby IslandDreamer » Feb 21, 2005 10:53 pm


I'm sorry the Reglan did that to you. It did it to me too. I also had auditory hallucinations which were fun..... :shock: ....NOT.

How are you doing?

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Postby jschwab » Feb 22, 2005 4:13 pm


I just wanted to add that I recently had Reglan (10 mg 4x a day). I had auditory hallucinations, too, which I had heard about on this site, so I was able to live with it for the first two doses (knowing it was just the Reglan). I was motivated because my nausea got slightly better right away and I really wanted to give Reglan a chance. It took a few days and I was skeptical, but eventually the Reglan kicked in, worked completely (I am 100% now) and my mood is really good. The hard part was over by the third dose. This was at a relatively low dose.

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Postby sunny77 » Mar 16, 2005 4:45 pm

Just wanted to add I had an awful reaction to the Reglan pump also. I was on it for about a month and felt like I was going to crawl out of my skin. (Like the HG it self isn't bad enough) Anyway my doc decided to put me on Zofran ODT 8 MG every six hours and it doesn't stop the nasuau but it did finally stop or reduce (depending on the day) the throwing up. This time around they started me on Zofran as soon as I got sick and it is about the same as last time. I guess feel a little better is better than nothing. Hang in there and congrats on the baby.


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