Meclizine questions, please help!

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Meclizine questions, please help!

Postby tilly2321 » Feb 20, 2005 8:58 pm

HI all,
I am from the US, but got my midwife to write me a prescription for diclectin and am taking that. Can I take anything else with that? I am wanting to take meclizine, but don't know if I can combine the two. Also, what is the max that you can take of meclizine in one day?
Thanks in advance,
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Postby nomore » Feb 20, 2005 10:37 pm


im so sorry you are not feeling well :( in regards to the meclizine, i believe it should NOT be taken with the dilectin, as its in the same family of meds. max dose of the mecizine is 75 mgs a day though.

you could try adding ginger though, or zofran, reglen, phergan or compazine. ginger does not beed a perscription.

i hope things ease up for you.

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