What is max dosage of benadryl? Someone answer quickly!

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What is max dosage of benadryl? Someone answer quickly!

Postby tilly2321 » Mar 17, 2005 11:12 pm

i am thinking of staring benadryl since movement is really an issue and I think I should address the motion sickness part of it with an antihistamine. Is there a certain kind of benadryl? How much and how often can I take it? Please hurry and read and post....
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Postby mammaclare » Mar 18, 2005 10:03 am

I believe you can take one 25mg tab every 4-6 hours. I also think I recall that there are children's (12.5mg) fast melt tabs which would melt in your mouth--of course then you'd take 2 of those.

Have you tried meclizine? It is more indicated for motion sickness than benadryl.

Hope that helps--call your OB and see what the daily max would be...you may be able to take 50mg at a time.
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Postby tilly2321 » Mar 18, 2005 12:48 pm

I tried meclizine, but unfortuantely threw up right after taking it. It was just coincidence, but I can still taste the pill in the mouth after vomiting so I haven't been able to touch it since. It was a flavored tablet so it had a definite taste. Uck...
I am praying for a miracle with the benadryl.
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Postby nomore » Mar 18, 2005 1:51 pm


I just wanted to add that dramaine might also be anoehr option for you for the dizziness. I know the dosing amount is on this website under medications.

Lots of people have also had good luck with that (although I never tried it myself). I did try meclizine (which didnt really help me much... and it took FOREVER for me to feel any relief from it- about 45 min after I took it, I finally had some relief, but this was before HG fit in full force, more like regualr m/s at that point.

I did take bendryl, but only in the IV version. The 1st time I took it it actually helped me somewhat, but subquent doses really didnt do anything but make me tired... but didnt put me to sleep.

Good luck!

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