Meclizine/Dramamine experiences?

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Meclizine/Dramamine experiences?

Postby KadeJosie » Mar 21, 2005 7:48 am

Hello all,

I'm trying to gather information about how well the meclizine works for HG. It makes sense if you get sick when you move which is one of my problems. Just wondering it's effectiveness, for how long , dosage what you combined it with. If Zofran were you able to take less Zofran? Did it stop working as HG got worse? I started getting really sick last week and started taking just the meclizine and feel better as long as I take it easy, I also stopped taking vitamin complexes. Now I can't tell if it was stopping the vitamins or the meclizine that made me feel better. An unfortunately feeling better makes me worry about something being wrong with pregnancy although other symptoms (smells, sore boobs) still strong. Any thoughts? Don't get me wrong I'm glad to feel better even if it's only for a little while but am wondering what might be coming. Dare I hope the Meclizine will help me a lot?

Thanks in advance for you responses.

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