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A place to discuss all things treatment-related. Medications, IVs, midlines, PICC lines, NG tubes, sub-q pumps, home health care, etc. Also includes alternative and homeopathic remedies including NAET, vitamins, liver detoxing, and more for active HG and TTC preparation.

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Moderator Introduction

Postby mammaclare » Jun 13, 2004 9:18 pm

Hello! First, my apologies for not introducing myself earlier. I had hand surgery and typing one-handed was difficult, so I waited until I could use at least the fingers of my right hand!

My name is Clare. I have one wonderful son named Rory, who was born 8-28-03. I suffered from HG beginning week 5 and was on Zofran until I delivered. I was on medical leave from my job as a pharmaceutical sales rep for 15 weeks (God bless my company, they held my job for me AND paid me full salary). Although the vomitting subsided by around week 17, the cruel all-day and all-night nausea was nearly unbearable. Anytime I tried to wean from the Zofran, I became sicker. I did not take any B6/Unisom although I wish I did--I ended up with intense anxiety and panic and was deathly afraid of new drugs, thinking I would die. Therefor I didn't try additional agents for nausea, nor did I take the Zoloft my docs REALLY wanted me to take. I was pretty significantly depressed from the months of sickness and the anger and loss I felt over not having the pregnancy I envisioned.

My HG was gone within hours of delivery and aside from a miserably low hemoglobin, I was not too worse for the wear physically. I had a long (21 hours) labor after my water broke with meconium in it. I had planned and practiced for a drug-free hypnobirth but with the meconium, everything had to be different than I planned (sounds like our pregnancies, huh?!). I made it 14 hours with no drugs and the help of my doula...then I was given only a couple hours to get the baby out--we had a fever by this point. I had an epidural, which was a very light one, and delivered my son after only a few pushes. I have to say that I would deliver 100 babies if I could just NOT HAVE HG while pregnant!

I had to return to work after only a 6 week maternity leave so my husband decided to take FMLA for 12 weeks. During his FMLA, I was given a promotion (did I mention how great my company is? a promotion after being out half the year!) and we relocated from Louisville, KY to Indianapolis, IN. So, my husband is now a stay at home daddy. He is a licensed teacher so he may return in the fall to teaching...or he may not.

I wanted to moderate this forum as I am in contact daily with physicians as a hospital pharmaceutical sales rep. I have a strong science background and am very interested in medicine. I also have daily access to real docs AND medical libraries if we have group questions.

Please fire away any questions--or let me or Andy know if I am not doing my job here!

Feel better soon....
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