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Cheaper Medication - All of Them

Postby NutinStaysDown » Jun 01, 2005 10:18 pm

Hey Ladies,
I just got an email regarding prescriptions, what they REALLY cost and what local pharmacy are marking them up...3000% and at the end of the email it said that Costco is the cheapest and doesn't mark them up.
Not sure whether to believe it or not, I looked up ZOFRAN on the website (there are cost there), and it was about $22/4mg tablet. My local Walmart is about $40/4mg tablet. Boy, that is a big difference. Although not as cheap as that global something website mentioned somewhere else on this forum.
My insurance covers 75% of a drug at a local pharmacy, so the cheaper the better. But I discovered if I use the mail-in pharmacy program through my insurance, I only have a $35 co-pay, no matter what the drug costs. I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield on the federal employees program. Before I discovered the mail-in thing I was getting them at Walmart and I figure I could have saved $250 dollars. That would've bought the cute lawn furniture that we can't afford!
Good Luck and I hope this helps someone.

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