When to start cutting meds??

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When to start cutting meds??

Postby mrsbigdog » Jul 31, 2005 8:38 pm

How do you tell when your HG is getting better? I haven't vomited in over a week now and am able to eat 3 reasonable meals a day along with a snack. I suspect this is a combination of getting into week 13 and most the IVs and meds. I have a couple of weeks until my next dr appt although they do call me regularly but how do you and your dr tell if you should start trying to reduce the meds. I don't want to get sick again but boy I'd love to cut the meds and maybe lose the IV bag for awhile each day (24hr a day for the past 6 weeks is getting old). I'll keep it all for the 9 months rather than start vomiting again but...

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Postby IslandDreamer » Jul 31, 2005 9:15 pm

Hi Donna,

I just had a conversation with Kimber (founder of HER) about this very topic today. I started to feel well and immediately started to wean....BAD idea for me. I had a GREAT BIG relapse.

Kimber suggests doing nothing different with meds until you have at least two good weeks...then maybe try delaying a dose or cutting one in half. This is my plan now.

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