Zofran constipation from hell

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Postby aussiegirl » Mar 14, 2005 7:27 pm

Ok, this all sounds so familiar.
I started taking Zofran when I was in hospital at 10 weeks (am now 19 w). It was 14 days without a bowel movement and I started to get concerned. I went to the hospital where they gave me a suppositry and sent me home. Oh what pain and how sore was I after.
Since then I have done all of the laxatives and enema's and have even had a couple of "manual" extractions and, boy, was I glad to see 18 weeks.
I have now been off the Zofran for a week now and I'm only a little better. I have never had constipation with any of my other pgs so I hope that this resolves itself soon.
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Postby Juliette Punchello » Mar 17, 2005 4:10 pm

I too had horrible constipation and didn't know that it was related to Zofran. I didn't go for like 10 -12 days and then when I finally did it was so painful and was hard for them to come out. It took hours and I still have left over pains/hemmeroids... I would definitely take the combo's listed here ASAP to avoid this horrible situation. I had to do some internal stuff to get the poops out...yuck! :oops:
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Postby pippa » Mar 25, 2005 11:35 am

Wah! The constipation from the Kytril hasn't been fun, but tolerable... until this morning, when I now want to die. Is there no end to the indignities?
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Postby JudyC » Mar 27, 2005 12:10 am

I'm glad I got to read your stories. Sometimes I wondered if I was the only one who suffered such severe constipation from Zofran. It was so bad that I remember wondering if anyone had ever died of constipation! How weird is that!!!

I've had 2 HG pregnancies and when I first started taking Zofran during my first pregnancy, I was completely unaware of the possibility of constipation. Suddenly after about a week of not having a BM, I had the sensation that I need to have a BM. However, it just wouldn't come out. The pain quickly became worse and worse. I started to panic as I couldn't even stand up straight. Pardon the description, but it felt like I had a brick up there. Then I felt that my bladder was full. For some strange reason, I couldn't urinate. It was as though all that constipation was also blocking off the outflow of my urine. It was so painful. I really paniced and ended up in the hospital. They gave me pethadine to relieve the pain and a muscle relaxant. Then they stuck a catheter up into my bladder so that I could urinate. Then they gave me some enemas. Then I waited for several hours. With a catheter hanging out of me, an IV and being drugged out, I wasn't about to go anywhere. After a few hours, a doctor told me that I had "fecal impaction", and if the enemas didn't work soon, they'd have to sedate me, then go in there manually and scoop it out. At that point I just wanted to die. There was absolutely no dignity left in me. I cried for a while and then waited a bit longer. Suddenly, to my great relief there was movement and relief. What a nightmare.

With continued use of Zofran, with this and my second pregnancy, I made sure that no more than two days went by without a BM. I used enemas, usually 3-4 enemas to get things moving. I couldn't stomach any type of laxative.
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Postby pippa » Mar 27, 2005 5:57 am

Oh {{{{{{{{{Judy}}}}}}}}}}!

I totally feel your pain! I honestly was thinking that Friday... DH said I was crying so loud he had to come and check on me. *shudder*

I'm trying to pay more attention now to my "regularity." Also, my OB will use ProctoFoam for hemorrhoids during pregnancy, and said it's reasonably safe, and I know from past experience that it works like a dream. Much better than the OTC stuff. :D

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