My experience with medicinal marijuana.

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I am really needing to try this but have no contacts

Postby nemomum » Jul 18, 2011 8:51 am

No treatments are working, I've been told I just have to go home and get on with it now as there's nothing they can give me (midwife). I researched hg for months after baby 1 and saw that medical cannabis is the answer. Thing is I've no idea how to contact medical cannabis groups in the UK (Scotland) and don't want to risk street cannabis. Wish I lived in Amsterdam! Had HG to very end of last pregnancy and I'm only at wk 15 here.
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Postby Arias » Jul 19, 2011 1:01 am

Have you asked your doctor if medical marijuana would be an option?
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Re: I am really needing to try this but have no contacts

Postby JessicaMay » Jul 25, 2011 4:41 pm

nemomum wrote:No treatments are working, I've been told I just have to go home and get on with it now as there's nothing they can give me (midwife). I researched hg for months after baby 1 and saw that medical cannabis is the answer. Thing is I've no idea how to contact medical cannabis groups in the UK (Scotland) and don't want to risk street cannabis. Wish I lived in Amsterdam! Had HG to very end of last pregnancy and I'm only at wk 15 here.

You poor thing. This is the kind of medical attitude I came up against. I nearly lost mine, and my babys life because of this, it is terrible. Medical Marijuana is illegal in my country too, hence why I got it from a frend who grows it clean, maybe something like that is an option for you? I don;t mean to tell anyone to do anything illegal, but all I can say is that I had a particullarly bad case, and it was the only thing that helped me. Not just that, I was having psychological reactions to some of the traditional medication treatments.
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Postby phaerelastra » Jul 31, 2011 4:32 pm

I really should have explored this site a bit more to look over the treatments that others have used.

I started smoking mj when I was a teenager, like many other people have. I had HG with my older daughter, but I stopped smoking it when I was pregnant with her. I always thought I just had a long bout with morning sickness, that if I didn't eat every 2 hours, I would get sick... that lasted well into my sixth month. I don't remember when it stopped, but I was eating so often at that point I don't think it mattered.

It took me 7 years to get pregnant with my husband, so when HG started for me, I thought maybe I just couldn't handle the morning sickness. I had to quit my job as a maid because the smells of the cleaning products and all that time on my feet were making me really sick, so I would cry in the mornings before work. So one morning my husband took it into his own hands and called my boss, telling her I wasn't coming back. We had always been the type to smoke weed, more than occasionally, I'll be honest, but I made an honest effort to avoid smoking of any kind once I was pregnant. People kept telling me I should be thrilled with the blessing of even getting pregnant, since endometriosis had prevented me from having a second baby. But I lived in daily misery and seriously considered a theraputic abortion.

So all that being said, we already knew who to get it from and knew that it was safe to use. And just like you, Jessica, a couple of puffs and suddenly I felt like a human being again. I felt guilty about using it all the time, but my doctor only suggested things like antihistamines, sea bands, ginger ale, motion sickness meds, you name it. She finally gave me Zofran, which was truly wonderful for a while and I was able to put down the mj. But before I knew it, I couldn't go to the bathroom and that made me more nauseous than anything else. I decided that I didn't need to be prescribed anything, I would just stay green with my mj. But my husband coaxed me to at least inform the doctor so she wasn't in the dark about it.

She was surprisingly fine with it. She "cautioned" me about the risks, but at the same time she said that she had to tell me that part, as a doctor. She had other patients that used it with success, but to please stop as soon as I felt better. She sent me home with a Rx for phenergan, which I stuck with for most of the pregnancy. And then phenergan stopped working for me, or I was taking so much of it in a day that I slept all day, so neither option was all that great. My DH, during a checkup, told the doctor that he was going to put me back on mj himself, since none of my meds were helping.

And then she offered me Marinol.... :)

It was expensive, but it is the only thing that truly helped. Sometimes it would take over an hour for significant relief, so when I would wake up way too early in the morning for a trip to the potty, I would pop the pills and go back to bed. By the time I was supposed to be up for the day, the medicine would kick in and I would be fine. Then the only drawback would be how quickly it would wear off and the fact that I couldn't drive if I wanted to be without nausea. DH was getting a little tired of driving me around, so I decided at my appointment this week to go off of it. I'm back on phenergan, but back to smoking mj, too. I've had the most awful relapse lately, which is part of why I thought the Marinol wasn't working, but I think it's just the relapse kicking my butt. I hope I can go back on the Marinol when I call the doctor on Monday, because phenergan is not cutting it.... I spent more than 6 hours total napping yesterday, which totally sucked when I have schoolwork to get done (I'm also a 29 year old college student).

I was really embarrassed initially to be taking Marinol because it really made me feel like an irresponsible parent. I mean, who am I to be stoned all the time while gestating a person? But I really had to weigh the options between lying in bed all day crying and not eating, or taking a medication that made me feel sooooooooooo much better, even if it is laden with guilt. I don't know, it's a tough call.

I don't wish HG on anyone, that's for sure. And I wouldn't necessarily recommend Marinol or mj for someone going through only morning sickness or whatever, but from what we suffer, I think it's worth it. The only problem I face sometimes is "proving" that I still have HG. The doctor took one look at my weight gain (I get the munchies from hell, let me tell you...) and said I must not be sick anymore. But the truth is that I still vomit once, sometimes twice a day, no matter what the meds are. Even mj sometimes doesn't help. But I must say, life would be WAY worse without it.

Kathleen Amelia, born by repeat c-section on 9/2/11. HG from 5-39 weeks, Zofran, Phenergan, Marinol.

1st HG baby, undiagnosed - Elizabeth-Anne Rose, born 2-9-99. Proud to have survived a teen pregnancy and made it to the other side, especially with HG.
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Postby zoe-down-under » Jul 31, 2011 5:36 pm

Wow Kathleen, and now you're 34 weeks! Well done honey. There should be no shame or guilt in using marijuana. Actually, if it weren't for social stigma, I think we would all be looking differently at it. Probably all growing a little in our back yards to ease the HG pain!

Thanks for sharing your story. You have helped to inform other HG mums and mums to be.

If I had have known about this during my last pg. I might not have terminated. There may be other mums, suffering and thinking about termination, who read this and give it a try.

Thank you.
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using med marijuana in pregnancy

Postby daisygirl48161 » Oct 22, 2011 1:52 pm

I too discovered marijuana helped me so i used it thru my entire pregnancy because i vomitted the whole 9 months. In comparison to being sick for so long the labor & delivery were EASY. Unfortunately, I also had CPS called on me by the hospital and they threatened to not let me take my baby son home when it was time to leave. I was so embarassed & upset. They told me I was a horrible person for doing drugs while I was pregnant and that I didn't deserve to have my son. Thank God above that they let me take him home & after about 9 months they dropped the case. They visited my home, made me have a local nurse check on us the whole time too. The whole ordeal of throwing up for 9 months and then the HELL of worrying if they were going to take my baby made me decide to never have anymore children. My husband had a vasectomy but I still struggle every day with fear that I may encounter CPS again. I also have GERD now which is a result of the HG's effect on my body. I literally have PTSD from the throwing up & the CPS ordeal. Please be careful if you use marijuana. I am a full supporter of med marijuana & my son is 4 now, he is perfectly healthy & intelligent. It had no effect on him. But the state really gave me hell. I just hate to think about any mother going thru what I went thru. I cry and am still fearful. I have nightmares about CPS showing back up at my door. I always worry when my son gets rambunctious that if he hurts himself that I am going to be in trouble for it too. It has affected every part of my mothering. If anyone needs to talk, please feel free to msg me! I am new to the forum! [/list]
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Postby reverendmama » Oct 27, 2011 4:20 pm

I've been really hesitant because my husband is in the military. I did eat a brownie that a friend made for me, and it made me feel dizzy and then I fell into a hard sleep. Not that I didn't need sleep! I'm sure it would help, but I worried that if something happened while I was out with my kids and they happened to do a drug test, then what? We could lose our kids and my husband's career. The next state over has legalized it for medical use, so I guess I could move there...but my husband wouldn't be able to be around me. :roll:
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Postby NefertariNeil » Dec 12, 2011 9:08 pm

I'm an oldie but goodie on this site and my story may be archived from when I was on here under another name. I am a serial HGer having been pregnant TWELVE times and I have five living children and may possibly be preggers now.

I suffered from the worse kind of HG and have gone through every single treatment known to man. In my story I wrote here over two years ago, I shared that in my home (Jamaica) many, many women use marijuana to help build appetite and stop vomiting.

We live in America where it is still ileegal in many states but if you have suffered like I have, anything is worth a try.

I'm not going to give my whole story unless someone PM's me and asks, but my last two children are both beautiful marijuana miracles. At ages three and two they are THRIVING developmentally in ALL areas!! Extremely smart!!! Out of my living pregnancies, these were the only two to reach term AND normal birth weight.

My husband and I TOLD MY OB who after weeks of watching me suffer in the hospital with dehydration and ulcers, and he told us to do what we had to do and he ripped the Zofran prescription in front of our faces!! Of course we will NEVER mention that he said that, but we were delighted to have his support.

To offset ANY POSSIBLE adverse affects of the MJ, I took lots of OMEGA 3 and probiotics, green tea or anything to fight free radicals due to the smoking. No other method of use worked for me and I've tried them all...I HAD to smoke it but like a few other women here have stated, I KNOW MJ MADE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH FOR ME AND MY CHILDREN!!!!

side note: I did worry about the legalities...if my children were blood tested. Honestly, I didn't give a damn what ANYONE thought (they hadn't a clue as to what extreme misery HG causes). I am a married woman, adequately educated and in a nice loving envoirnment and we made a united decision to use marijuana to treat a chronic debilitating illness.

ALL of my pregnancies (and their outcomes) have been documented so I figured that with a midwife backing me, and my medical records in hand, any official will see that I was in fact NOT endangering, but trying to save my child. Luckily we never were blood tested, and I stopped after birth and during breastfeeding.

If I'm pregnant now I will be taking probiotics, alkaline water and yes...that good good green! And if I get too paranoid about CPS, I'll do a homebirth which I had been contemplating anyway.

Good luck to you all ladies...may you be blessed with health and endurance.
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Re: My experience with medicinal marijuana.

Postby JessicaMay » Jan 02, 2013 8:28 pm


Only because I am passionate about people receiving this information.
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