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Does Unisom make anyone else jittery?

PostPosted: Jul 29, 2004 9:08 am
by SickGirl
I took Unisom and Premesis (B6) with my Zofran last night for the first time and it had me up all night. I felt jittery and itchy, but lost most of the nausea. Anyone else have this happen? If so, was there something else you tried that was similar that helped?


PostPosted: Jul 30, 2004 2:16 pm
by MamaLily
Yes, Unisom made me jittery as well. My doctor said it's a fairly common response, esp when Unisom is taken at low doses. Unfortunately it didn't touch my nausea/vomiting, so I was awake AND sick all night when I took it. This next pregnancy I plan on trying's an over-the-counter medicine used for motion sickness. I've heard some good things about it when used for HG.

- Anna