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PostPosted: Aug 05, 2004 10:50 am
by danimomof2girls
Hey you guys,
I just wanted to share a natural medication experience. After my second pregnancy, I would go from constipation to diarrhea and back to constipation. I would have diarrhea more than five times a week! My doctor thought that I needed a colonoscopy but told me that I could try "probiotics" first. Let me tell you how awesome it worked! It is good bacteria in capsule pills and is sold at health food stores such as GNC. I took it for 5 days and started noticing a difference. My doctor thought that my GI track had become sluggish from having the TPN treatments for so long and not being able to hold food down and that I had a build up of pylori or bad bacteria. I just wanted to share how good probiotics worked for me in case any of you guys experience this issue!

PostPosted: Aug 08, 2004 9:41 am
by carriedodson
Probiotics are a great idea for anyone who has taken a course of antibiotics, too. These are even more effective if taken with an antifungal to remove the yeast in your intestinal tract (like nystatin or diflucan)