Phenergan not working this time?

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Phenergan not working this time?

Postby meri » Apr 17, 2013 8:09 am

Hi all, my name is Mary. This is my second pregnancy. My OB doesn't like to label this as HG, but I know better. I have uncontrollable vomiting, and have lost 8lbs in the first 2 weeks of this pregnancy. It was the same for me the last pregnancy (my daughter is now 3.5). That time I started on Zofran at 9 weeks after not being able to eat for almost 2 weeks. I got really scared when I went a whole day without peeing :( The Zofran helped for a few weeks, so the dr added phenergan and prilosec at 13 weeks. At 18 weeks I started throwing up blood from esophageal erosion so they added Nexium as well.

I don't even know how far along I am this time, maybe only 7 weeks or so? I was on birth control pills that made me not get my period :\ I knew when I started to get sick that I was preggo. The dr. didn't want to give me medications (wtf?) but i explained how much weight I lost and I started Zofran (8mg, 3x day) on Monday, they gave me Phenergan 25mg every 4-6hrs yesterday and Zantac 150 2x/day. The Phenergan last time was SUCH a life saver. It made it so I only threw up once or twice a day. This time it is not doing diddly squat. I threw up everything yesterday. I gave up on eating so I could just concentrate on drinking a glass of water over a few hours (it worked, thank goodness!).

Why isn't the Phenergan working this time? I just live every single moment trying not to throw up. It's wearing me down, I can't live like that for 3-4 more months! That's if it ends at 22 weeks like it did last time :(

Should I just keep taking the Phenergan and see if it works after a few doses? Last time the relief was within 30 minutes.

Thanks for any help, I am desperate :)
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Re: Phenergan not working this time?

Postby DebbieS » Apr 17, 2013 7:36 pm

It is really hard to rein in HG when it gets out of control. It sounds like you are dehydrated & need to go to hospital for IV hydration. Hydration will give the chance for meds to work better. Unfortunately subsequent HG pregnancies can often be worse, so you may need more IVs and more meds than last time. With regards to phenergan, you could try substituting some doses of unisom/B6 or benadryl instead. Going into hospital should also help for "labelling" it as HG, and if your Dr isn't proactive/helpful enough you will need a new Dr.
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Re: Phenergan not working this time?

Postby leahmsilverman » Apr 18, 2013 9:44 am

DebbieS wrote:and if your Dr isn't proactive/helpful enough you will need a new Dr.

I second that. There is not earthly reason to NOT label this HG, and I'd be vary wary a doctor who is hesitant to do so. That makes me think he's not going to take your care seriously.

I'd got to the ER, get some fluids and get some rest. Get some meds via the IV and see it that puts you in a better position moving forward. If you don't feel well by the time you leave the ER, you need a doctor who will consider admitting you to the hospital for a couple of days.
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Re: Phenergan not working this time?

Postby Nardles81 » May 17, 2013 12:46 am

I felt the same way this pregnancy about my zofran pump. Last time it was a life saver, this time it did almost nothing and I still ended up in the hospital for two weeks and on tpn. Like pps said, this is probably just a worse pregnancy and every one is different so different meds might be in order. Have you tried adding unisom/b6 or reglan? I would give the phenergan a few more tries but it sounds like you need hydration and a new drug regimen. And in a few weeks you can talk to your dr about steroids. They are the only reason I have gained any weight since going off tpn. I'm sorry things aren't going well so far, big hugs!!
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