Buy / Rent Zofran Pump?

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Buy / Rent Zofran Pump?

Postby cjones10 » Aug 06, 2015 4:37 pm

Hey all - Long shot here but in a bad situation. Insurance denied Zofran pump from home healthcare service. $415 / day out of pocket is completely ridiculous and I get the sense that the vast majority of that cost is administration from home healthcare. I also think I can get insurance to cover the cost of Zofran in a syringe, which leaves me with the need for a Zofran pump.

Has anyone here bought one outright? Or rented one? If so, from whom? If you have an old one (I apologize in advance if this is against the rules of the forum) but would you be willing to sell / rent to us?

I know last time she had a CME McKinley T34 pump and I can find several medical supply companies in Asia but can't get any to call me back in a timely fashion to try to buy them. I also called about 50 medical device companies and home health companies in the Atlanta area and none would sell it outright or rent it.

Thanks in advance!
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