anxiety about leaving the hospital

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anxiety about leaving the hospital

Postby vanessalaizure » Feb 06, 2016 3:28 pm

I'm 13 weeks and been here for 3 days. They were talking picc or ng tube because of my dehydration and history of returning to the hospital. 
They held off on the picc & ng because I have been able to eat. They've had me on Zofran iv every so many hours, Phenergan every 6 hours, pepcid. Also on my 2nd tpn bag. Since I'm doing well here they'll most likely send me home tonight or tomorrow. 

I'm afraid that once I get home, It will only be a matter of time before things get bad again. Is that a legitimate fear? Should I still request to have a picc just in case?
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Re: anxiety about leaving the hospital

Postby Crm71612 » Mar 10, 2016 2:11 am

Hey I just joined but I've had two HG pregnancies. For me that was always a fear. For me I'd be "ok" for about 2 days and then I'd start to go down again. It was especially worse if they sent me home before weaning me to oral meds. I did home care and they would try and try and try for an IV. Eventually the home care nurse recommended that I get a PICC (second pregnancy I asked). My first PICC was amazing and I found some allergies I have during pregnancy. My second pregnancy I got a blood stream infection, and a pulmonary embolism which is nothing to mess around with. I think PICCs are amazing, but something that needs to be watched very carefully and not used until IVs have been given a chance.

Your post was awhile ago so I hope that you are doing well and have figured something out for you. If you haven't... Well... I feel for ya girl! Hang in there.
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