Please read...this treatment plan made me a mom....

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Please read...this treatment plan made me a mom....

Postby beyondthepale » Aug 30, 2016 3:11 pm

After having lost the first pregnancy at 15 week due to severe HG in 2011, I was absolutely not going to be convinced to try again. Until I met my new OB in 2013. I was on a pretty aggressive treatment plan but ladies, it worked. I've been struggling with coming back on this site because I get nauseous just thinking about HG but I wanted to put this out here for people, in case they're faced with similar options. My son was born in 2014 and he was born healthy and thank God, all has been well.

So my doctor knew the history of the first pregnancy, ended in a termination because my kidneys weren't functioning properly by the end of it. He knew I really needed to get a handle on this next pregnancy. He also knew I wanted to be a mom real bad. So, when I got confirmation of my 2nd pregnancy and was hospitalized already in week 5, he had me admitted to the hospital. After 2 days of getting me stable, he put in for a PICC line. They kept me there for a few days to make sure the medication and the PICC didn't have any problems. I went home with home healthcare and weekly checkups with my OB until I delivered. I was on 2 liters of IV fluid a day, Zofran every 4 hours to start, then scaled back to every 8 hours in the 2nd tri. The trick though was hydrocortisone tapers through the PICC. The hydrocortisone squashed the vomiting almost instantly. That being said, I was still extremely nauseous and not able to function much, meaning not get out of bed. My mom was with me during the day while my husband worked. The PICC line worked for me but it has its concerns: you can't get it wet (at least I didn't), if people are sick they shouldn't be around you, anyone coming near the PICC to administer meds wore gloves, a mask and always washed their hands first and used alcohol swabs on the port. It was hard. Hard because the dressing on the PICC line had to be changed so I had a home nurse once a week to check for fever, make sure there was no infection, change the dressing. In the middle of the 2nd tri my OB closed off the PICC. It was still in, but they flushed it and didn't use it. I tried to take meds by mouth, I tried to eat and drink, nothing worked. The vomiting came back. I honestly believe with all my heart that if I didn't have the PICC, with IV fluids, IV Zofran and IV Hydrocortisone, I wouldn't have made it through. Again, I wasn't running around, but by the 3rd tri, I was able to go into a furniture store and pick out furniture and walk around the house a bit. Grant it, I couldn't be out for more than a couple of hours and I didn't feel like visitors and I was definitely the unconventional pregnant woman, but I made it through. A PICC line can get infected, Hydrocortisone is a steroid, I don't think Zofran is all that bad but I have a very good friend who is a pharmacist and she said that none of these medications have long term effects. That as long as the benefits outweigh the risks, it's worth it. In addition with the weekly OB checkups, I went on to have a pretty uneventful vaginal delivery. I sacrificed a lot, I literally never got my arm wet that I had the PICC line in. My husband added a handheld shower head in the bathroom. My mom or my good friend washed and dried my hair every few days. I took very fast, hot showers so I would't start throwing up. But, it was worth it. I didn't vomit while on the medications, felt very nauseous, but I didn't vomit and that was worth it for me. Some people say that steroids can shut down the function of your adrenal gland, as far as I know, mine is working fine after having follow up blood work done. My OB did not give me anymore Hydrocortisone in the 3rd tri, after that, it was Zofran only and fluids. He never quit on the fluids.

I realize everyone is different but I went from a 1st pregnancy that was so incredibly bad. I was hospitalized for 9 weeks out of 15 and NEVER stopped throwing up. Reglan and Phenergen were a disaster for me. They did nothing except make me more ill and caused weird twitches, and reactions. But the above treatment plan, it worked. So if you've tried everything else and are looking for another option, it may be worth asking the doctor about what I've written above. It really worked for me ladies.

I hope that whatever you try works for you and I hope that you realize and keep the faith that it will pass. If you have any other questions feel free to message me.
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