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Does Reglan actually help??????

PostPosted: Aug 31, 2004 9:48 pm
by CharlesandKaren
After reading the posts, I am now very concerned for my wife. She went in the hospital for the 2nd time today. The first time, they put her on Zofran and Promethazine (Phenergan). She had the Zofran pills and the Phenergan suppositories. She soon couldn't get the Zofran pills down again and the Phenergan wasn't helping. Now, the Dr. wants to put her on Reglan. Is there any hope at all with this drug, or did we just cause more problems for us.

Due 2/22/05

PostPosted: Sep 01, 2004 3:30 pm
by BlueEeyore
Reglan does help many people. However, (as far as I know) it has some more concerning side effects. It isn't recommended for women with a history of depression because it can cause depression and lethargy. I think most women are more likely to experience some nervousness or anxiety on it. It is also commonly used to stimulate milk production in nursing moms who have supply issues, so you may seem some effects of that in her later months.

If she can't swallow zofran, how is she going to swallow the reglan?

There is dissolvable zofran, IV zofran, and pumps that deliver zofran sub-cutaneously - if zofran seems like a better choice for her.

Good luck and kudos to you for being supportive and seeking advice. She will need your help!


PostPosted: Sep 01, 2004 10:57 pm
by IslandDreamer

I had Reglan in an IV one time and had an anxiety attack and hallucinations. Think it did help the nausea, but the side effects were far beyond tolerable. I think my response was on the more unusual side. But to know the range of possible experiences is important when choosing a medication.

Good luck to you and your wife in finding the right med or med combination.


(Blue, I didn't know that about a history of depression and Reglan...why in the h*ll did they even try it on me? I was psychotic after my son was born...duh :roll: )

PostPosted: Sep 02, 2004 2:40 am
by HGx3
Hi CharlesandKaren ,

Most people have a hard time taking a person who has taken it in all 3 pgs, I would like to share my experience with you. The bottom line for me was the fact that NOTHING was helping me. I was on 32 mg of zofran, I had tried steriods, phenergan, unisom b6, you name it, I tried it. It wasnt until my doctor perscribed reglan that I actually got a little relief. I am on effexor for depression, have been for pg 2 and 3 and now 3mths postpartum. I will say that the reglan did cause panic attacks for me. I was on 10mg every 3.5 to 4 hours...that is a LOT of reglan. I have taken it po, iv, im (injections)and subq. It was the ONLY drug that helped my hg. There were a few times in the begining that I had to take a small dose of benadryl to counteract the reglan, thus easing the severity of the attack, but as time went on and I continued taking it, the symptoms lessened. It really depends on how bad the hg is..for me, it was so horrific that I could not justify giving up the reglan. I also feel that even if it does contribute to additional depression, it is still worth taking it because most hgers are depressed anyway from the horrible circumstances they are experiencing. It is worth a try at least.

My 3rd pg, I took reglan iv push thru my picc line. I was also able to supplement with phenergan AND zofran at the same time. Yes, I was on a regimine of all 3 drugs!!! And still on my deathbed!!!!!! I was also on prevacid to help with all the bile I was puking, and vistaril as an extra antiemetic.

At least give it a try, and give it a chance to work knowing that she may be able to get past the side effects, but if she has a really bad reaction, then that is a different set of circumstances and she may not be able to take it. Good Luck to you in whatever you decide. If you have any specific questions, you are welcome to email me. I am the reglan queen!!!

PostPosted: Sep 02, 2004 10:37 am
by CharlesandKaren
[quote="BlueEeyore"]If she can't swallow zofran, how is she going to swallow the reglan?

She could swallow it, it just wouldn't stay down. However, now she is able to keep pills down. We are now learning the joy of baked potatoes. Somebody call Susan Powter and STOP THE MADNESS!!! :D

Plus, I'm buying air-fresheners and an ice-crusher, so she can have the blessed ice-chips. Anybody know where I can find one??

Thanks for your wonderful feedback. Hopefully, we can get this thing under control and actually enjoy the pregnancy a little bit.

Love to all,

due 02/22/05

PostPosted: Sep 02, 2004 5:09 pm
by BlueEeyore
I saw a snow cone maker at Target just the other day! That might be a nice buy!

Suzanne, it seems like lots of docs also don't know about the depression issue with reglan. When I ask docs about it they look at me like I have 2 heads. But Matria, a home health care company that does nothing but treat high risk pregnancies, said that it was a known side effect and they routinely AVOID giving women with depression histories any reglan.

PostPosted: Sep 03, 2004 12:47 am
by HGx3
Hey Blue. I had Matria wih pg 3. They were wonderful!!!!! Are you using them?

PostPosted: Sep 03, 2004 3:37 pm
by BlueEeyore
No. Originally I was just on fluids and Matria won't do fluids without meds. Now that I'm on meds, I already have an established relationship with a different home health company. But I really miss Matria. They were outstanding!

Medrol ( Steroid ) and Severe hyperemesis

PostPosted: Oct 05, 2004 12:11 am
by gullapa
Hi everyone..

For my wife, who was suffering from severe hyperemesis the only thing that worked was the steroid(Medrol). She was pretty much allergic to all the other drugs (Zofran etc) or did not work.

As the last alternative, our doctor convinced us Medrol works ( he prescribed it to 2 others with the same level of severity and worked like a miracle to stop vomiting) and my wife started taking it from the 10th week(she used to throw up every hour and was begining to vomit blood and was horrible). She was on medrol all throughout pregrancy, till the day of delivery(daughter).

He started her with 48 mg Medrol (16 mg 3times a day) and gradually tapered it down. My wife had to get atleast 16 mg and stayed on this dosage till delivery.

The vomiting stops immediately, but the nausea will not go away with this. The good thing is u can start eating again and drink fluids without throwing up every hour. My wife was able to east about 500-1000 calorie max diet throughout, and the baby came out at 5 lbs 4 oz.

Please contact your OB to find out more about Medrol , if all other drugs fail. Some OBs are more aggresive and may prescribe it to you.

If you need more information, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you.

PostPosted: Oct 05, 2004 6:41 am
by BlueEeyore
He started her with 48 mg Medrol (16 mg 3times a day) and gradually tapered it down. My wife had to get atleast 16 mg and stayed on this dosage till delivery.

This is very interesting. I was prescribed the steroid methylprednisolone (which I think may be the same thing as medrol) for an allergic reaction. It helped my nausea, but I also had to be on a min of 16 mg a day. 20 mg a day is even better.

PostPosted: Oct 06, 2004 2:58 pm
by MamaLily
Aj -

Hi! I'm glad to see you here. Thanks for sharing how steroids helped your wife...I know there are women here who could benefit from them.

- Anna