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Reglan and Depression

PostPosted: Sep 10, 2004 1:54 pm
by DeColeCody
Which one of these lovely meds that I am taking makes me blue? I am not myself, and I am shopping like a mad woman. I can tel I am depressed and wonder if it is the meds. I saw someone talk about this in the past. Can you guys help me remember? I am not myself these days, which makes it hard to see the sunshine through this HG!


ps I am calling Matria to see what they say!

PostPosted: Sep 10, 2004 4:36 pm
by bibliojo
Hi DeCole,

I took Reglan with my pregnancy and I was depressed very much so. I don't know if it was just because I was sick all the time or because of the medication or the combination of the two but I do know that one of Reglan's side effects is feeling anxious. Maybe talk to you doctor about it? I struggled through my pregnancy and the first 7 months of my baby's life not feeling myself and finally I reached a breaking point and went to my doctor only to find out I had PPD (which I think started the first trimester of my pregnancy - but I guess it wouldn't have been PPD at that point because I wasn't postpartum yet but you get the idea!) However, not to say that because you are depressed now means you'll get PPD later but just that it is better to ask for help sooner rather than later. I wish I had talked to my doctor about it sooner so that I wouldn't have been so miserable for so long. It won't hurt to discuss how you are feeling with your doctor! And it's only understandable that you would feel depressed because you've been very ill for several weeks now. HG takes a lot out of you physically and mentally!

You are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope that you feel better soon.


PostPosted: Sep 10, 2004 8:02 pm
by DeColeCody
They are switching me to the Zofran pump! I hope that is going to make a difference!

PostPosted: Sep 11, 2004 5:21 pm
by BlueEeyore
Matria, a home health agency that specializes in high risk pregnancy, told me that they routinely AVOID giving reglan to women with a history of depression. It certainly made me depressed.