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Can't get off Zofran

PostPosted: Oct 19, 2004 8:09 pm
by HanJ
Hi all, well I'm up to 14.5 weeks now, and was doing ok on my 8mg a day of Zofran. I was eating and drinking fine. The moneys running out for it, so I tried to half a dose on saturday night, and spent sunday and monday in bed sick again and absolutely exhausted. So I took the 8mg a day for them.

Tuesday I felt fine (and I mean fine), so I tried to skip my 4mg last night. Not a good idea. Spend last night throwing up, and feel horrible this morning.

I really want to get off them, but can't see it being possible. I feel like i'm in it for the long haul, which sucks. I don't mind taking the tablets, and even figured out insurance will cover enough for 1 or 2 more scripts, but after that we've got no way to pay for it, so I want to be able to survive without them. Aaaahhhh, I hate this.

I'm also on B6, but that doesn't seem to do much. Anyone got any ideas how to get off the Zofran, but still not end up back in hospital?

PostPosted: Oct 19, 2004 10:00 pm
by emily
No Hannah, I don't have any ideas on how to get off of it. But, I do have an idea on paying for it. Call your insurance and see what the max dosage/ number of pills they will cover is. For instance, I found out my insurance will cover 120, 8 mg pills for the same co-pay as 10, 4mg pills. If you could get the 8 mgs even instead of the 4's, you could split them and make them last twice as long. I think it is worth investigating and good luck!


Coming off Zofran

PostPosted: Oct 20, 2004 6:37 pm
by nikki0072004

I am totally new here, but had extreme HG, with all three of my PG, actually had two terminations because doctors said I was close to dying.

Point is, I was on Zofran from conception thru to five days post birth, ranging from 16mg to over 64 mg a day. And I am unsure why you want to get off it. I mean, you are not addicted to it, its what your body needs right now to survive.

I dont know if you are worried about affect on baby, but I had bouncing baby boy who was 8lbs, 7ozs, and is now two and is a happy screaming, bouncing off the walls toddler.

Dont put pressure on yourslef to come off it, your body knows what it needs, just listen.

I am having IVF in january, and fully intend to be on Zofran before I even get pregnant.

Nikki :lol:

PostPosted: Oct 21, 2004 10:07 am
by JulieinMN
My last pregnancy, I was unable to get off the Zofran also. I ended up taking it right up until delivery.

What I did is I split my 4mg tabs as little as I could, and even that small dose, I had to continue. I found that if the Zofran was out of my system for more than 24 hours I would start throwing up again. Weird. I seemed to need just that little bit in my body all the time.

I just got sick of taking pills everyday!!! It was tiring, plus it reminded me of the time when I couldn't function and was so sick. So what a blessing to finally have that baby and not have to drug up. Yuck.

PostPosted: Oct 21, 2004 2:17 pm
by Janifer
I never got off it either. I took my last one the day I gave birth. But I also had a healthy boy (2 years old now) He was 9lbs 3oz and he is in the 95% for height and is advanced in every way. His language is unbelievable! I feel very comfortable using Zofran with my next pregnancy.

PostPosted: Oct 21, 2004 7:56 pm
by HanJ
Thanks ladies. I have spoke to my insurance company and they'll do diddly squat. It's a bit different in Australia, cause they just pay the $20 out of the $110 script and that's it. Grr. So I'm going to borrow some money from the inlaws and continue taking the Zofran. I'm got an OB appointment next week, so will discuss my options further with her.

I'm not concerned about the effects on the baby. I've chosen for my peace of mind just to trust that my body needs the drug, so that's good enough for me.

Thanks again for your 2c. :)

PostPosted: Oct 21, 2004 8:48 pm
by emily
Well at least it isn't too expensive. I know Australian currency is different, but I just picked up a script of Zofran that would have been $900 US without insurance. YIKES!

PostPosted: Oct 22, 2004 5:24 pm
by Sabrina
Has anyone successfully gotten off Zofran and how? I'm only 13 weeks today and have been on 16 mgs/day for about a month. I'm wondering if this is something I will be able to stop taking if the nausea stops or should I be thinking of this for the long haul?


PostPosted: Oct 22, 2004 7:29 pm
by JulieinMN
I think it really depends on the individual.

I was able tl be Zofran (and med) free with 3 pregnancies, yet my last one, I could not get off even a tiny bit (I believe it was between 1-2mg per day) the entire pregnancy.

Once delivery came, I was fine and off immediately upon giving birth.

I hope it's different this time around.