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Mineral Oil/Constipation

PostPosted: Nov 08, 2004 1:07 pm
by dolphinsnb
Warning: this could be considered a foodment issue...

Ok, I finally broke down and tried the mineral oil like my doctor recommended. Now, I only took 1 teaspoon, even though the directions said 1-3 tablespoons. But I COULD NOT bare the idea of drinking that much oil. So gross! It didn't really have a taste or smell, which is good, but the idea and knowledge that I was drinking oil about made me gag.

Anyway, it's been 16 hours and nothing. (Maybe if I did the tablespoon something would have happened in the 6-8 hours it said it would take.)

Just wanted to update those who have read my other posts on colace and/or constipation...

PostPosted: Nov 08, 2004 5:49 pm
by mammaclare
I didn't realize you can drink mineral oil for that! I know it is in some enemas (others are saline solution). Let us know how it works--I wouldn't have been able to do it

PostPosted: Nov 08, 2004 7:12 pm
by HanJ
Hi, Last week my midwife suggested I start an oil/syrup thing (actilax)that was pretty thick, and on its own it is throw up worthy, but I found that mixed with FOODMENT Apricot nectar drink (like thick apricot juice) it was a bit better. Other options she gave me are mixing it with juice or milk, if you can stomach it. Dunno if that helps, but it helps me stomach it, and it took me a few days to have any movement - I was pretty blocked up.

All the best.

A day and a half later...

PostPosted: Nov 09, 2004 7:50 am
by dolphinsnb
Well, it's been a day and half, and still nothing. So, I'm not giving the mineral oil my thumbs up. I took Colace again last night. Seems like you have to take that every day to get it to work, and it seems like it takes a couple days for it to start working. I'd rather take the Colace than drink mineral oil again! Ick. Although, if you do decide to try it, the doctor said you could use it as a (FOODMENT) salad dressing. But if you have dressing left after the salad is gone, you have to drink the dressing. That could still be better than drinking it straight up!


PostPosted: Nov 18, 2004 10:52 am
by HGx3
With my last pg I ended up with a stool impaction....what fun. I had to drink mineral oil And do an enema AND get suppositories. I dont know that it was the mineral oil that actually made me "go", but when I di, it was really greased SOOOOOOOOOOOOO NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!